French Head Parts / la Tête

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1. La tête / Head
2. L'oeil (m) / Eye
3. Les yeux / Eyes
4. Le nez / Nose
5. La bouche / Mouth
6. La dent / Tooth
7. L'oreille / Ear
8. Le menton / Chin
9. La joue / Cheek
10. Le front / Forehead
11. Les cheveux / Hair
12. Droit / Right
13. Gauche / Left
14. Oeil droit / Right eye
15. Oreille droite / Right ear
16. Le cou / Neck
17. Le cil / Eyelash
18. Le sourcil / Eyebrow

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French expressions

Mon oeil: my foot (I don't believe you)
J'ai une dent contre lui: I am upset against him
Il a de l'oreille: he has a good ear


The word Cheveux is plural for hair.
Un cheveu is a single hair
Ans this word is just for hair on the head.
For body hair, we have another word: un poil.