Say one's name / s'appeler

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1. Je m'appelle / My name is
2. Tu t'appelles / Your name is
3. Il s'appelle / His name is
4. Elle s'appelle / Her name is
5. Nous nous appelons / Our name is
6. Vous vous appelez / Your name is
7. Ils s'appellent / Their (boys) name is
8. Elles s'appellent / Their (girls) name is
9. Nom (m) / Lastname
10. Prénom (m) / Firstname
11. Comment tu t'appelles ? / What is your name?
12. Tu t'appelles comment ? / What is your name?
13. Comment vous appellez-vous ? / What is your name?
14. Mon prénom est Paul / My name is Paul
15. Je m'appelle Paul / My name is Paul
16. Comment ça s'écrit? / How do you write it?
17. Votre nom, c'est quoi ? / c'est comment? / What is your name?
18. Quel est votre nom? / What is your name?



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Vous and Tu

In 2, 6 both mean “you” but tu is for friends, colleagues, family, people you may know, what we call: informal. Vous is formal to show respect to people and also plural, in this case it may be formal or informal.


The verbs which infinitive ends in -er are from the 1st group in French Grammar, most are them are regular. The endings for the present tense are:
-e, -es, -e, -ons, -ez, -ent.

S'appeler or to call oneself is slightly irregular, the nous and vous forms get one L.


Appeler is to call and the conjugation is:
J'appelle, tu appelles, il appelle, nous appelons, vous appelez, ils appellent.


If you nee the whole conjugation of the two verbs s'appeler and appeler, here they are:


Je m'appelle Pierre
Elle s'appelle Charlotte
Comment tu t'appelles ?
Vous vous appelez comment ?
Comment ça s'appelle ? (what's that called?)


It is very commun in the spoken language to ask questions saying: tu t'appelles comment ?, you just up your voice at the end.