What is your Name in French / Nom

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Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio player, just click on the words, works fine on ios iPad. French Name. how to say what is your name in French.

1. Nom (m) / Last name (masculine)
2. Prénom (m) / First name (masculine)
3. Mon nom / My last name
4. Mon prénom / My first name
5. Votre nom / Your last name (plural or you don't know)
6. Votre prénom / Your first name (plural or you don't know)
7. Ton nom / Your last name (to a buddy, etc...)
8. Ton Prénom / Your first name
9. Comment ça s'écrit? / How do you spell it?
10. Jean, comment ça s'écrit? / Jean? how do you spell it?
11 . ça s'écrit J E A N / You write J E A N(to a buddy, etc...)
12. Mon prénom est Paul / My firstname is Paul
13. Comment tu t'appelles? / What is your name? (to a buddy ...)
14. Tu t'appelles comment? / Your name is? (to a buddy,..)
15. Comment vous appellez-vous? / What is your name?(plural or you don't know)
16. Je m'appelle Paul / My name is Paul