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1. Excusez-moi / Excuse me (to a group or you don't know well the person)
2. Excuse-moi / Excuse me (to a buddy, family member...)
3. Pardon / Pardon
4. Merci / Thank you
5. Merci beaucoup / Thank you very much
6. De rien / You are welcome
7. C'est très aimable à vous / It is very nice of you
8. Je suis désolé(e) / I am sorry (an additional 'e' if a girl is speaking))
9. Ce n'est rien / It is nothing
10. Je vous en prie / You are welcome(to a group or you don't know well the person)
11. Je t'en prie / You are welcome (to a buddy, etc...)
12. Il n'y a pas de quoi / don't mention it
13. S'il vous plaît / Please (to a group or you don't know well the person)
14. S'il te plaît / Please (to a buddy, family member...)
15. Mille mercis / Thank you so much
16. Merci bien / Many thanks

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Vous and Tu

Because of the two subjects "tu" and "vous" to say 'you', we have two ways to say things in French, one for people you know and one to show more respect.

Thank you

We also say: Merci milles fois, merci infiniment, un grand merci, merci à toi, merci à vous.

How to use the verb S'excuser

Video about the verb s’excuser in French