Vocabulary: Verbe Rater

Vocabulary: Verbe Rater


3 meanings: to fail, to miss, to mess up.

1. To fail:

– Elle a raté (loupé) sa vie: her life is a failure.
– Il a raté son coup: he failed or he has failed.
– ça ne rate (loupe) jamais: it never fails.
– J’ai raté mon examen: I failed my exam.

You can also use the verb: échouer.

2. To miss:

– Elle a raté (loupé) son avion: she missed her flight.
– Ils se sont ratés de peu: they just missed each other.
– Un film à ne pas rater: it is a movie not to be missed.
– la prochaine fois, je ne te raterai pas: next time, I will get you.

You can also use the verb: manquer

3. To mess up:

Mes photos sont ratées (loupées): My pictures are a real disaster.
J’ai raté ma vie: my life is a disaster.
j’ai raté le gâteau: I ruined the cake.

You can also use the verb: ne pas réussir. (mes photos ne sont pas réussies)

With the same meanings, we also use the verb “louper”:
1- Elle a loupé sa vie.
2- Elle a loupé son avion.
3- Les photos sont loupées.

Picture: it is “ratée” with a final “e” because, a taget is une cible which feminine.

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