Mener, Amener, Emmener

Mener, Amener, Emmener

The meaning is like porter, apporter, emporter but for people (and for things: road, way…).

1. Mener

To take, to lead.
However for people we prefer to use the other verbs “amener” and “emmener”.

Ce chemin mène à la maison: this path leads to the house.
Où mène cette route? where does this road lead to? (you can also use the verb “aller”)

Ton diplôme mène à tout: your diploma lead to all roads.

2. Amener (people, animals and things)

There is a notion of movement, with a focus on the arrival.

To bring:
Amène ton ami à la maison: bring your friend home.
Tu nous amènes le soleil: you bring the sun to us.
Les rats ont amené cette maladie: rats brought this disease.

Tu t’amènes? are you coming?
Amène-toi! Come on!

3. Emmener

There is a notion of movement, with a focus on the start.

To take away:
Je t’emmène au cinéma: I take you to the cinema.
Je peux t’emmener en voiture? May I give you a lift (or a ride)?

Some say: tu vas emmener cette valise? but it is better to use “emporter” here: tu vas emporter cette valise?

SUMMARIZE of the 3 verbs:

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