Future Tense and Near Future in French

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Future Tense and Near Future are not difficult to catch in French:

The Near Future is quite similar to the English one, and the Future Tense is easy to understand when you know the rule, follow this link to practice to http://www.frenchspanishonline.com/beginnersfrench/school/weather/meteofutur/index.html. You will find a text with gaps to fill, also a map with audio files to revise.

1. Near Future – Futur Proche

I am going to eat : Je vais manger
We also say: I am going to go to eat: je vais aller manger

The structure is: verb to go present tense + infinitive form of the following verb.

The Futur proche may be used for near events but also for further ones.

2. Simple Future – Futur Simple

The rule is to use the infinitive form of the French verb till the last r then to add the end of the French verb to have:

Manger + ai (j’ai) = je mangerai
Manger + as (tu as) = tu mangeras
Manger + a (il a) = il mangera
Manger + ons (nous avons) = nous mangerons
Manger + ez (vous avez) = vous mangerez
Manger + ont (ils ont) = ils mangeront

Prendre: to take

Prendr(e) + ai (j’ai) = je prendrai
Prendr + as (tu as) = tu prendras
Prendr + a (il a) = il prendra
Prendr + ons (nous avons) = nous prendrons
Prendr + ez (vous avez) = vous prendrez
Prendr + ont (ils ont) = ils prendront

Irregular form

Avoir: j’aurai, tu auras, il aura, nous aurons, vous aurez, ils auront
Être: je serai…
Vouloir: je voudrai…
Aller: j’irai…
Faire: je ferai…
Venir: je viendrai…
Appeler: j’appellerai…

Pay attention to the English exceptions that do not exist in French:

After expressions like while/when/before/after/by the time/as soon as/if/unless you don’t use the future tense in English but in French, yes, we do:

I will dress when I wake up: Je m’habillerai quand je me réveillerai
As soon as I’ve eaten the meal, I will watch TV: aussitôt que j’aurai terminé le repas, je regarderai la télé.

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  2. petitpois

    Really helpful. I already knew some french from GCSE, but the the explanation given here is so much better. And the voice in the clip is gorgeous!