Daily French Expressions – Week 67

Daily French Expressions

Here are the French expressions we saw this week for those who follow me on facebook, the address is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FrenchSpanishOnline/141518825538

354 – Daily French Expressions: Clair et net: perfectly clear

Le résultat des élections est clair et net: the results of the poll is quite clear.
Clair et net is very used in French.

355 – Daily French Expressions: Se mettre le doigt dans l’oeil: to be mistaken, to be off the subject.

Alors là, tu te mets le doigt dans l’oeil!: Now, you are totally mistaken.

356 – Daily French Expressions: un bidon, un bedon: belly, potbelly

J’ai un gros bidon (j’ai du bide), je dois faire de l’exercice: I have a potbelly, I need to take some exercice.

357- Daily French Expressions: Clouer le bec: to reduce someone to silence

Je lui ai cloué le bec une fois pour toute: I shut his mouth once for all!
( un bec is a beak, clouer is to nail)

358- Daily French Expressions: balle: euro

a balle is a bullet or a ball but is used in some expressions:
T’as pas cent balles: do you have 100 euros?
Une question à deux balles: an easy to reply question.
Une blague à deux balles: a stupid joke.


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