Daily French Expressions – Week 66

Daily French Expressions

Here are the French expressions we saw this week for those who follow me on facebook, the address is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FrenchSpanishOnline/141518825538

350 – Daily French Expressions: ça va barder: things are going to get hot!

Arrête sinon ça va barder! Stop or sparks are going to fly!
Meaning: it is becoming dangerous.
You can also say: ça va chauffer!

351 – Daily French Expressions: le baratin: sweet talk, sales talk

Quel baratin, elle parte trop et on ne comprend rien: what a chatter, she is speaking too much and we don’t understand anything!

352 – Daily French Expressions: un bavard, une bavarde: chatterbox, talkative

Il est bavard comme une pie (magpie): he is a real chatterbox.

353 – Daily French Expressions: BCBG: Chic and conservative

An abbreviation for “bon chic bon genre”, it is a stereotype of upper middle class person with outward signs of wealth. We can say ‘posh’ but only for people.

354 – Daily French Expressions: oh la barbe! what a pain! how boring!

Oh la barbe, je m’endors: what a pain, I am falling asleep!
Ce type est vraiment barbant: this guy is just a bore!

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