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Maritza Vázquez from Colorado USA wrote at March 31, 2014:
¡Saludos! Soy intérprete judicial en EE.UU. El mes pasado pensé que sería una gran idea aprender un tercer idioma: francés. De todos los recursos que he obtenido para ayudar me en mi aprendizaje, éste ha sido absolutamente estupendo. ¡Mil gracias, Profesor Pascal!
Macarena del Barrio from España wrote at March 15, 2014:
Gracias por presentarme tu web en el comentario de mi blog. Ya la conocía y la recomiendo con frecuencia a mis alumnos. La pondré en el apartado de ayuda para la asignatura pues es, sin duda, una página excelente. Un saludo
Alejandra from Argentina wrote at March 6, 2014:
Excelente vuestro sitio. Félicitations! Escuchar todas las expresiones me ayuda mucho para afinar mi oído y mi pronunciación. C'est super! Muchas gracias!
jose from mexico wrote at March 1, 2014:
it's an excellent web site!, it's like to have a real teacher to your side. VERY USEFUL!
harika from india wrote at February 26, 2014:
this website gave me the best French lessons I could ever get. I am very thankful to you. MERCI.
Ana Rojas from Costa Rica wrote at February 20, 2014:
Excelente tu sitio web me ha resultado de mucha utilidad. Muchas gracias !!
Kasia wrote at February 15, 2014:
the best French lessons in the world! thank you :)
Leila from Iran wrote at January 31, 2014:
Thank you for your easy-to-understand explanations and also for the nice and clear user interface of your site. The section on Direct/Indirect Speech helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work. Regards
Timothy from USA wrote at January 11, 2014:
I originally found the site on youtube and then discovered the website in which I love, it is very helpful. Still VERY helpful website but I really think with a better layout it could be one of the best learning tools on the web.
Liz from Los Angeles wrote at January 11, 2014:
Thank you so much for this site! I am a college speaker learning French, and I find what you provide so helpful! I especially love the expression page, it's exactly what we need!
Sarah from NYC wrote at November 4, 2013:
Thank you so much for providing all these free French lessons. You are changing my life.
elmira from iran wrote at September 23, 2013:
oh my god, you are a best teacher in my life. I can never learn any languages in the net, your site is amazing.
Kato from Georgian wrote at September 19, 2013:
Thank you very much for the great site. Very helpful, very useful!!! The two languages I've started to learn in one place. Wonderful. Wish you all the best!
Karina from USA wrote at September 10, 2013:
Its 3 AM, stumbled upon your website looking for understanding of relative pronoun usage. Clear and concise with good examples and test answers explained. Thank you for excellence.
Rashid from Jordan (Arabic) wrote at August 22, 2013:
thank you so much for your efforts! i was having alot of trouble understanding french articles but you made it very simple, merci beaucoup!!
Zvi Agam from Melbourne Australia wrote at June 17, 2013:
Thank you very much for your website, and in particularly the video clips. Is there any entry yet about 'ne ... que, as in, 'Je ne suis que heureux.' (I'm just happy / I am nothing but happy.)
Sharlene from Jamaica wrote at May 7, 2013:
This is amazing, I'm hooked on this website. Thank you ,you've made learning french easy. Please keep up the good work.
Gary from England wrote at April 21, 2013:
Using this site daily and it has really helped my understanding and pronunciation in French. I wouldn't have come on so far in this time scale without it. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Much appreciated.
Sandy from Bogota wrote at April 5, 2013:
Muchas gracias French/Spanish. Han sido geniales. Tienen las herramientas perfectas para lograr aprender lo necesario acerca del idioma. Congratulation guys! You are amazing! :)
Perla from México wrote at March 30, 2013:
J'aime votre site. J'appris beacoup, vous êtes vraiment un bon prof. Bravo ¡

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