French Daily Expressions – Week 48

Here are the French expressions we saw this week for those who follow me on facebook, the address is:

257 – Daily French Expression: Pantouflard: stay-at-home.
(une pantoufle is a slipper)
En vacances, c’est un vrai pantouflard: during holidays, he is a real homebody.

258 – Daily French Expressions: Faire des papouilles: to tickle
Il fait des papouilles au bébé: he is giving the baby a tickle.
Je n’aime pas les papouilles: I don’t like ticking.
(papouille is a baby word, we can say des chatouilles, chatouiller) 

259 – Daily French Expressions: Pipi-room: toilet
Désolé, mais je dois aller au pipi-room
WE also say: le petit coin

260 – Daily French Expressions: Le plumard: the bed.
Pendant les vacances, je reste au plumard tous les jours: on holidays, I hit the sack everyday.

261- Daily French Expressions: être à poil : the be naked.
Pendant les vacances, je suis à Poil: during holidays, I will be in Poil (it is a city and a play on words too).
Il se baigne à poil: he goes skinny-dipping.

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