French Idiomatic Expressions – 5

French Idiomatic Expressions – 5

401- Daily French Expressions: ça fera combien? how much will it cost?

402- Daily French Expressions: je n’ai pas la monnaie: I have no change.

Monnaie is related to money but does not mean money, it is change or currency.

403- Daily French Expressions: en tout: the total

After buying or ordering several things, to ask for the total you can say “en tout”
ça fait combien en tout? what’s the total?

404- Daily French Expressions: ben quoi? so what?

When somebody looks surprised at you, you say ben quoi (ben is said like the number one in French: un)
And “tu veux ma photo?” is something said when someone is staring at you!

405- Daily French Expressions: Faire un prix: to pay less

Vous pouvez me faire un prix pour tout ça? Can you let me have them for less?

406- Daily French Expressions: c’est fort de chocolat: that’s going too far.

Non, c’est un peu fort de chocolat cette histoire-là: no, that’s going a bit too bar this story!

We also say “fort de café”. When something is full of chocolate, we use “en” and not “de”: le gâteau est fort en chocolat.

407- Daily French Expressions: Juillettiste, Aoûtien: July and August holiday maker (vacationer)

Juillet = Juillettiste
Août = Aoûtien, ne
êtes-vous juillettiste ou aoûtien?

408- Daily French Expressions: Merci: means “no”!

– Tu en veux d’autres? – Do you want some more?
– Merci, ça ira! – No, thank you, I am fine!

You can say “no” with your head when you say “merci”.

409- Daily French Expressions: kess tu fous? what are you doing?

“Kess tu fous” is the abbreviation of “qu’est-ce que tu fous?”, we don’t often say “qu’est-ce que” but just the beginning and we write is this way “kess” as you can see in “Fous” is the verb “foutre” instead of faire, this verb is colloquial, sometimes rude but not here.

410- Daily French Expressions: une livre: a pound

You know that we use gramme in France but on a market and when you want to buy some things loose, you may have to use the word “livre” instead. Une demi-livre de beurre = 250g and une livre = 500g. (don’t mix the word with “le livre” which masculine for book).







411- Daily French Expressions: Une douzaine: a dozen

Like in many countries, we also use the word “douzaine” for some products: eggs and also oysters: huîtres. So you can say une demi-douzaine or une douzaine d’oeufs.







412- Daily French Expressions: un petit bobo: a sore, a cut

Bobo is a child word, parents may ask: ça te fait bobo? does it hurt? and a kiss may solve the situation!








413- Daily French Expressions: se la péter: to show off

Comment il se la pète avec sa bagnole: lok how he shows off with his car!

414- Daily French Expressions: Prière de… : Please do… or don’t….

Prière de ne pas piétiner les pelouses: Please don’t walk on the grass! (Prière here means that we beg you to do something, piétiner means to trample).







415- Daily French Expressions: être baba: to be astonished!

Nooon, j’en suis baba: nooo, I am dumbfounded! And for an event in the past, we usually say: j’en suis resté baba!








416- Daily French Expressions: être baba cool: to be like a hippy

Regarde son look, trop baba cool! Look at his clothes, too hippy!









417- Daily French Expressions: le B.A BA: the basics, the elementary knowledge

Le B.A.-Ba is the elementary knowledge of anything, it can be le b.a.-ba du français, du vélo, des maths, etc… It means the things you should know before going






418- Daily French Expressions: Nawak: Nonsense

Nawak is backslang French for nonsense or rubbish, the expression “n’importe quoi” became “nawak” or “n’importe nawak”.









419- Daily French Expressions: Chichi: fuss

Faire des chichis is to make a fuss, to be formal and ask for more. Sans chichi means informal, quite simple: Un repas sans chichi, une invitation sans chichi.









420- Daily French Expressions: Bizutage: Hazing of new students

Le bizutage is forbidden in France, the verb is “bizuter”, however many students think it is just a tradition even when it is sexually explicit.








421- Daily French Expressions: des biftons: bank notes (slang)

Bifton is a word from Slang French with the meaning of bank notes with a high value.
La police a trouvé chez lui, une valise pleine de biftons: Police found at his home a suitcase full of bank notes!







422- Daily French Expressions: Une brique: One million

Une brique is a brick wall, but the slang meaning is one million euros, dollars…

422 – Daily French Expression: un péché mignon: a weakness

Un péché mignon: a weakness. Litteraly: a sweet sin! something you know is not necessary good for you but you can’t resist, like “le chocolat est mon péché mignon” and you? do you have un péché mignon?









424 – Daily French Expression: les binocles, les lorgnons: glasses

Binocle is an old word and Lorgnons comes from the verb Lorgner: to ogle, to have an eye.









425 – Daily French Expression: Travailler au noir or au black: To work illegally

We say travailler au noir or travailler au black. Je travaille au black, c’est du travail au black.









426 – Daily French Expression: Un  bogosse: a Good-Looker

The word Bogosse comes from Bo and gosse, bo is in fact Beau (good looking) and gosse is kid, young man. For a girl we would say: une belle gosse!









427 – Daily French Expression: ça me fait une belle jambe: a fat lot of good that does me

We use this expression: ça me fait une belle jambe, when someone tells you something that it is not going to be of any help.
– I can’t repair this computer!
– what a shame, the neighbour has been able to do it.
– ça me fait une belle jambe!

428 – Daily French Expression: un Bouquin: a book

This French words comes from the English. Tu as vu mes bouquins? Have you seen my books?








429 – Daily French Expression: Le Petit Coin: the smallest room

Un coin is a corner, but also a spot, a place and somewhere: Je cherche un bon coin pour les vacances: I am looking for a good place for holidays. Dans un coin de la maison: somewhere in the house.









430 – Daily French Expression: les bras m’en tombent: I am stunned

Literally means my arms fall from me! When you receive unexpected bad news, you say les bras m’en tombent!

431 – Daily French Expression: Jeter un froid: to cast a chill

ça jette un froid: it casts a chill.








432 – Daily French Expression: Y a pas l’feu: we are not in a hurry

Y a pas l’feu or Il n’y a pas le feu means no hurry (literally: there is no fire), we have time. Grouiller here means to hurry, to move on: tu te grouilles? hurry up!








433 – Daily French Expression: se lever du pied gauche: to be in a bad mood

Se lever di pied gauche when someone is not in a good mood after waking up. Qu’est-ce qui te prend? tu t’es levé du pied gauche ou quoi? What’s wrong with you, did you get out of your bed on the wrong side?







434 – Daily French Expression: Tu me fais suer: you annoy me, you are a pain in the neck

Tu me fais suer is not rude, you can use this expression when someone is annoying you and you want him to leave you alone.








435 – Daily French Expression: Rouler sur l’or: to be rich, rolling in money

This expression is used negative form: tu sais, je ne roule pas sur l’or: you know I am not exactly living in the lap of luxury.

436 – Daily French Expression: une bestiole: an insect, an animal

Une bestiole may be an insect or a small animal, it is a pejorative word. C’est quoi cette bestiole? What is this thing?







437 – Daily French Expression: savoir sur le bout des doigts: to know by heart

Well, tout savoir sur le bout des doigts is not to cheat, but is to know something by heart (savoir par coeur): je connais ma leçon sur le bout des doigts: I know my lesson by heart (there is a lesson about the difference between savoir and connaître)







438 – Daily French Expression: avoir quelqu’un: to have, to fool

Here avoir means to get, je t’aurai is I will get you. Avoir also means to fool, J’ai été eu: I have been had and se faire avoir is to be had, je me suis fais avoir: I have been had (To make fun, some say: je me suis fait eu, but it is not correct French).






439 – Daily French Expression: C’est pas du jeu: it is not fair

This expression is used when someone does something that it is not following the rules, when something is not fair. Tu triches, c’est pas du jeu: you are cheating, it is not fair!









440 – Daily French Expression: Ne pas avoir sa langue dans sa poche: never have a loss for words

A person who has not la langue dans sa poche is someone who is straightforward and frank, someone who does not hesitate to say things.

441 – Daily French Expression: être fou de or être folle de: to be mad about

We may be fou de something or someone, fou d’amour: mad in love; fou de joie: out of one’s mind with joy. And the feminine form is folle de.







442 – Daily French Expression: C’est du délire: it’s crazy, it’s great!

Of course “délire” means delirium but we use the word for great things and frenzy things too. And you can say “c’est du délire” for a lot of things like a concert.







443 – Daily French Expression: Peser le pour et le contre: to weigh the pros and cons

Same expression in both language.








444 – Daily French Expression: Avoir un trou de mémoire: to have a mental block, blackout

In French un trou de mémoire is a hole in our memory, we also say: j’ai un trou!

445 – Daily French Expression: Faire le zozo: to clown about

We have several expressions to say the same thing: faire le zozo, faire le clown, faire le pitre…







446 – Daily French Expression: M’en fous: I don’t care

Instead of “je m’en fous”, you can just say “m’en fous”.









447 – Daily French Expression: Avoir le coeur sur la main: to be open-handed, to be generous

Literally to have our heart on the hands.










448 – Daily French Expression: Se serrer les coudes: to stick together

Serrer means ‘to hold tight’ and “un coude” is an ‘elbow’. Il faut se serrer les coudes: we must hold tight.








449 – Daily French Expression: Pour dépanner: to help

Dépanner means to repare, to fix, but we use the verb to say to help out. Tu peux me dépanner de 5 euros: can you spare me 5 euros?

450 – Daily French Expression: Retirer une épine du pied: to let someone off the hook

Retirer or enlever une épine du pied means to get out of a difficulty. Merci, tu me retires une épine du pied. Une épine is a thorn or a spine.








452 – Daily French Expression: En faire voir de toutes les couleurs: to give a hard time

To give a hard time, il m’en a fait voir de toutes les couleurs: he gave me a hard time. And the expression “en voir de toutes les couleurs” is ‘to have a hard time’ (because of someone), j’en ai vu de toutes les couleurs: I had a hard time.







451 – Daily French Expression: Puer du bec: to have bad breath

This expression is colloquial. Le bec is the beak (here for mouth) and puer is to stink. We also say: avoir mauvaise haleine.








453 – Daily French Expression: Mon vieux, ma vielle: mate, old boy, old girl…

A colloquial expression when speaking with friends or colleagues: alors là, mon vieux je n’en sais rien. Mon vieux, c’est ton problème. Ma vieille, c’est comme tu veux…







454 – Daily French Expression: C’est dans la poche: it is in the bag.

This expression means that something is easy to get, un examen dans la poche for example or a contract… The funny thing is that sometimes it is said in English: it is in ze pocket by French people!

454 – Daily French Expression: être zen!

To be zen! the same expression.








456 – Daily French Expression: Des balivernes: nonsense

We say: dire des balivernes: to talk nonsense and also when you want someone stop talking nonsense, you can tell him: trêve de balivernes (enough of nonsense).







457 – Daily French Expression: s’ennuyer à mourir: to be bored to death

J’ai rien à faire, je m’ennuie à mourir: I have nothing to do, I am bored to death!

458 – Daily French Expression: a gaff, a blunder

Un couac is first a weird sound in an orchestra, then a gaff that someone says or makes, something that breaks the harmony. Les couacs du gouvernements!








459 – Daily French Expression: C’est pas trop tôt: not before time!

T’as vu l’heure? c’est pas trop tôt! Have you seen the time? in the nick of time!

Tu as fini? c’est pas trop tôt!







460 – Daily French Expression: être peinard: cushy, quiet, peaceful

Pas moyen d’être peinard: impossible to be peaceful!









461 – Daily French Expression: Fais voir: show me, let me have a look!

I think I got fleas! – let me see!

Formal or plural: Faites voir

462 – Daily French Expression: Avoir le bras long: to be well connected, to pull strings

Literally: to have a long arm. Meaning: to know important people who can help you.









463 – Daily French Expression: être debout: to be up; se mettre debout: to stand up

Elle est restée debout toute la journée: she stays on her feet all day. Allez, debout là-dedans: Go on, get up here!






464 – Daily French Expression: Ne pas pouvoir en placer une: not to be able to say something

en placer uneWhen you try to say something but the person you are talking to is very talkative, you can say: je peux en placer une (une = une parole).












465 – Daily French Expression: Avoir du culot: to get a nerve

Il a du culot: he’s got a nerve. Quel culot! how dare you! the nerve!







466 – Daily French Expression: un moulin à paroles: a chatterbox

Un moulin à paroles is someone who speaks too much.

467 – Daily French Expression: Tout baigne: everything’s looking great

– ça va?
– Tout baigne!








468- Daily French Expression: Banzaï! = Bingo, geronimo!










469- Daily French Expression: ça vaut le coup: It’s worth it.

470- Daily French Expression: comme des petits pains: like hot cakes

C’est parti comme des petits pains or ça s’est vendu comme des petits pains: they were selling like hot cakes.









471- Daily French Expression: j’en peux plus: I am exhausted

The correct sentence is: je n’en peux plus, but we don’t say the first part of the negation when we speak. Also, we don’t say the final S of plus, just plu, because here it is the second part of the negation (the meaning is not more).








472- Daily French Expression: Bosser: to work

A colloquial verb to say travailler or to work, we use the same way.

473- Daily French Expression: Tout va bien: everythting is alright

How are you today? Comment ça va aujourd’hui?
Everything’s alright, thank you: tout va bien, merci!









474- Daily French Expression: être barbant: to be boring

Le cours est barba,t: the class is boring
Le prof est barbant: the teacher is boring








475- Daily French Expression: Gamin, gamine: boyish, childish

Regarde, quelle gamine: Look how childish she is!

476- Daily French Expression: boulot: work

Boulot is a colloquial word for “a work”, au boulot means let’s work. Un boulot is a work or a job: j’aime mon boulot: I like my work.








477- Daily French Expression: Kiffer grave: to love so bad!

Je te kiffe grave: I love you very much. Tu me fais kiffer is another way to say I love you.









478- Daily French Expression: Avoir un poil dans la main: to be bone-idle

Il a un poil dans la main: he is very lazy.








479- Daily French Expression: Super sympa: very nice

sympaC’est super sympa: it is very nice.
C’est super sympa de ta part: it is very nice of you.
Tu es super sympa: you are very nice.

480- Daily French Expression: C’est pour aujourd’hui ou pour demain? it is for today or tomorrow?

aujourdhuiSo, this bus, is it for today or for tomorrow? (after long waiting)








481- Daily French Expression: un copain, une copine: a buddy (boy and girl)

copainUn copain is a friend but un petit copain is a boy friend. The same for une petite copine.









482- Daily French Expression: En cachette: secretly

cachetteUne cachette is a hiding place, so doing things en cachette is where nobody can see you.








483- Daily French Expression: ne pas être très fute fute: not very bright

futfutIl n’est pas très fute fute: he is not very bright. Fute fute comes from Futé: savvy, wily.










484- Daily French Expression: Casse-pieds: a pain in the neck

cassepiedsNo entrance or Banned for pain in the neck people!








485- Daily French Expression: Faut pas croire: make no mistake!

we use the expression “faut pas croire” when someone wants to do something that seems the opposite of other may think.
Faut pas croire, j’ai beaucoup travaillé: Contrary to what you may think, I worked a lot!
There are many food in your plate and nobody believes you may end up, so you can say: faut pas croire, je vais tout finir!
It is the abbreviation of: il ne faut pas croire.

(this expression is different from “il ne faut pas croire que…”: you must not believe…)

French Idiomatic Expressions – 3


201- Daily French Expression: Avoir les boules: it really gets to me
ça marche pas, j’ai les boules! it does not work, it gets to me!
J’attends les résultats de l’examen, j ‘ai les boules: I am waiting for the results of the exam, it makes me sick!

202- Daily French Expression: C’est (ce n’est) pas la porte à côté: it is not next door

On y va à pied? mais c’est pas la porte à côté! we go on foot? but it is not next door!
L’Argentine? c’est pas la porte à côté! Argentina? it is not next door!

203- Daily French Expression: être sans un rond, ne pas avoir un rond: to be hard up

Je peux pas aller avec toi, j’ai pas un rond: I can’t go out with you, I am stone broke!
Tu peux me prêter 2 euros? – désolé, je n’ai pas un rond: Can you lend me 2 euros?, sorry, I am hard up!

204- Daily French Expression: Sourdingue: deaf (slang)

Tu m’entends ou tu es sourdingue? can you hear me or are you deaf?
ça fait une heure que je t’appelle, tu es sourdingue ou quoi? I have been calling you for 1 hour, are you deaf or what?

205- Daily French Expression: Croire dur comme fer: to strongly believe

On ne peut pas lui faire changer d’avis, il y croit dur comme fer: we can’t change his mind, he strongly believes in it.
Il y a cru dur comme fer pendant des années: He strongly believed in it for years.

206- Daily French Expression: Se magner: to hurry up

Hé, magne-toi le train: hey, get moving!
Tu te magnes ou quoi? you speed up or what?

207- Daily French Expression: Faire suer: to annoy

Arrête, tu me fais vraiment suer! Stop it, you are really annoying me!
ça me fait suer ce travail: this work is annoying me!
Je me fais suer, il n’y a rien à faire: I am getting bored, there is nothing to do
“Se faire suer” is ‘to get bored’.

208- Daily French Expression: T’en fais pas: don’t worry

T’en fais pas, il va revenir: don’t worry, he will come back.
Je suis très inquiète au sujet de mes examens! – T’en fais pas, tu les auras! I am very anxious about my exam! – Don’t worry, I am sure you will pass it.

209- Daily French Expression: Vieux comme Hérode: as old as the hills

Tu ne connaissais pas? mais c’est vieux comme Hérode: you did not know it? but it is as old as the hills.
We also say: vieux comme le monde, vieux comme Mathusalem.

210- Daily French Expression: Faire du boucan: to kick up a din

Qu’est-ce que c’est que ce boucan??? What is all this noise?
Tu fais trop de boucan, arrête ta musique! You are kicking up a din, stop your music!

We also say “du raffut”, of course you can say “bruit”.

211- Daily French Expression: Un chouïa: a little, a smidgen

Tu veux du café? – un chouïa s’il-te-plaît: Will you have a coffee? – just a little, please!
Comment ça me va? – un chouïa trop grand! Does it fit me? – a shade too big!

212- Daily French Expression: Une histoire à dormir debout: a cock-and-bull story

C’est une vraie histoire à dormir debout: it is a real cock-and-bull story.
Il me raconte une histoire à dormir debout pour justifier son retard: He is telling me a cock-and-bull story to justify the fact he is late.

213- Daily French Expression: Tirer son chapeau: To take one’s hat off.

Bravo, tu as réussi, je te tire mon chapeau: Well done, you did it, I am taking my hat off to you.
Ouah, chapeau, mon vieux: wow, well done, my friend!

214- Daily French Expression: Je n’en reviens pas: I can’t believe it, I can get over it.

Tu as réussi de le faire? Je n’en reviens pas: You managed to do it?
I am astonished!Je n’en reviens pas qu’il ait réussi de le faire: I can’t believe he was able to do it.

Je n’en reviens pas que + subjonctif

215- Daily French Expression: enfin bon: well, anyway

You use this expression to say that you are ok even if you don’t really agree or to relativize what you have just said:
Mon frère est chanteur, enfin bon, il essaie: my brother is a singer, well, in fact he tries to be.
Tu as oublié ton rendez-vous chez le docteur? enfin bon, si tu n’as plus mal: you forgot your appointment with the doctor? well, if it not hurts you anymore…

216- Daily French Expression: C’est vrai quoi!

You use this expression when you want to show that you disagree with someone and are fed up with the situation.
Tu me demandes toujours de faire la vaisselle et toi tu fais rien! c’est vrai quoi!
You always ask me to do the washing-up and you do nothing! yeah man!
On paie trop d’impôts! c’est vrai quoi! we pay too many taxes! yes man!

217 – Daily French Expression: Chut (ch = sh in French): Shh

Chut! je ne veux rien entendre: Shhh, I don’t want to hear anything.
Je regarde la télé, chut! I am watching TV, shh!

218- Daily French Expression: Tu m’en diras tant: really! You don’t say!

We use this expression to agree or to sympathize with someone after he or she told you something outstanding.
Il a volé la vieille dame et l’a blessée – tu m’en diras tant!: he stole the old lady and hurted her. – wow really?
J’ai travaillé toute la journée et toute la nuit! – tu m’en diras tant, tu dois être fatiguée: I have worked all day and all night- dear you, you must be tired.

219- Daily French Expression: C’est bidon: it is phoney

Ce qu’il fait, c’est bidon, il ne faut pas le croire: what he says is just wrong, you can’t believe him.
C’est une caméra bidon: it is a fake video camera.

220 – Daily French Expression: Qu’à cela ne tienne: never mind.

Il veut arrêter de fumer! Qu’à cela ne tienne! he wants to stop smocking! No problem!
Tu n’aimes pas les haricots? qu’à cela ne tienne, mange seulement ta viande! you don’t like beans? never mind, just eat the meat!

221 – Daily French Expression: ça va mal aller: there’s going to be trouble!

Si tu continues, ça va mal aller: if you carry on like that, there’s going to be trouble!

222 – Daily French Expression: se bidonner: to be doubled up with laughter.
Je me suis bidonné pe

ndant tout le film: I was doubled up during the whole movie.
Arrête de te bidonner, ce nest pas marrant! Stop laughing it is not funny.
The verb “bidonner” gets another meaning: to fake.

223 – Daily French Expression: mort de rire (mdr): to be helpless with laughter (lol)

We use MDR as a text message sent with a mobile.

224 – Daily French Expression: se la péter grave: he thinks he’s God’s gift; he shows off

Mais tu te la pètes grave avec tes nouvelles chaussures! You are thinking you are such hot stuff with your new shoes.

225 – Daily French Expression: tintin: no way! (nothing to do with Tintin)

Tu veux venir avec moi? tintin! you want to go with me? no way!
Tu veux du gâteau? tintin, je mange tout! you want some cake? no way, I am eating everything.

226 – Daily French Expression: voler bas: to be low-level, mindless stuff.

Tes blagues volent bas, personne ne rit: your jokes are low-level, nobody’s laughing.
Le débat politique à la télé ne vole pas haut: the TV politics show is really low-level. 

227 – Daily French Expression: avoir beau + inf : However much, whatever.

J’ai beau essayer, je n’y arrive pas: Whatever I try, I can’t get on.
Tu as beau dire que ce n’est pas vrai, j’ai la preuve du contraire: However much you say it is not true, I’ve got the evidence of the contrary.

228 – Daily French Expression: Paumer: to lose.

J’ai paumé les clés, tu les as pas vues? I lost the keys, have you seen them?
Je comprends rien, je suis paumé dans ce bouquin: I don’t understand anything, completely lost with this book.

229 – Daily French Expression: à donf: backslang for à fond:

Il a mis la zik à donf: he put the music to the maximum.
Ils conduisent à donf: they drive like crazy.
On s’est éclaté à donf: we had a great time.

230 – Daily French Expression: Calendos: slang name for Camembert (the cheese)

(we say calendosse)
J’aime le calendos quand il est bien coulant: I like the Camenbert when it is runny.
Un bon calendos avec du sauciflard, ça c’est la vie! a good Camenbert with a sausage, that’s life!

231 – Daily French Expression: à tout casser: tops, great.

Ça doit coûter 10 euros à tout casser: it must cost 10 euros max!
Il y a des chansons à tout casser dans ce cd: there are dynamite songs on this CD.

232 – Daily French Expression: la cata: total mess

Cata is for catastrophe.
J’ai oublié mon dossier à la maison, c’est la cata: I forgot the folder at home, it is a real disaster.
Côté argent, c’est la cata, je n’ai plus rien: moneywise, it is a disaster, I have nothing left.

233 – Daily French Expression: Arrête ton char: stop showing off, come off it!

Arrête ton char, personne ne te croit: come off it, nobody trusts you.
Tu n’as jamais rencontré Brad Pitt, arrête ton char! you never met Brad Pitt, stop showing off. (a char is a chariot or a tank).

234 – Daily French Expression: pas un chat: nobody.

Je suis allé faire les course, il n’y avait pas un chat: I went to shopping, there was not a soul.
Tu es sûr que c’est ici? il n’y a pas un chat: you are sure it is here? there is nobody.

235 – Daily French Expression: Chelou (verlan louche): fishy, shady.

C’est chelou cette histoire: this story is fishy.
Si c’est trop chelou, je ne reste pas: if it is too fishy, I won’t stay.

236 – Daily French Expression: un mal de chien: difficulties to do something.

Mais c’est pas vrai, j’ai un mal de chien à terminer ça. I can’t believe it, I have a hell of a job finishing that!
Il s’est donné un mal de chien, mais ça ne marche toujours pas: he made a lot of efforts he busts a gut) but it still does not work.

237 – Daily French Expression: Dac, dacodac: ok (instead of d’accord)

Non, non, je ne suis pas dac, je ne veux pas y aller: no no, I am not ok, I don’t want to go there.
Alors tu es d’accord? dacodac! so, do you agree? okey-dokey!

238 – Daily French Expression: la dèche: poverty.

On est vraiment dans la dèche: we are really flat broke.
Avec la crise, c’est la dèche pour tout le monde: Because of the crisis, everybody lacks of money.

239 – Daily French Expression: prendre une déculottée: to take a hammering.

(the meaning is to take down one’s trousers)
On a joué aux cartes et il a pris une déculottée: we played cards and he took a hammering.
L’équipe de football a pris une de ces déculottées 6-0: the football team took a whitewash 6-0.

240 – Daily French Expression: le derche: butt, fanny. Faux-derche: two-faced.

Dis, tu te magnes le derche: hey, are you moving your butt?
Ce type est un faux-derche, il te dit que c’est vrai et à moi il a dit que ce n’était pas vrai: he is a two-faced guy, he told you it is true and he told me it is wrong!

241 – Daily French Expression: le Dico (abbr): Dictionary.

Où as-tu mis le dico? where did you put the dictionary?
Je préfère les dicos en ligne, c’est gratuit! I prefer the dictionaries on line, they are free!

242 – Daily French Expression: en avoir plein le dos, plein les jambes: to be fed up, to be exhausted.

J’en ai plein le dos de ses remarques: I am fed up of his remarks.
Après 2 kilomètres, j’en ai plein les jambes: after 2 km, I am exhausted.

243 – Daily French Expression: Dézinguer: to pull to pieces, to shoot down.

Le premier ministre s’est fait dézingué par l’opposition: the prime minister was shot down into flames by the opposition.
Ta voiture est toute dézinguée, ça roule ça? your car is into pieces, can you drive that?

244 – Daily French Expression: Avoir les doigts de pieds en éventail: to laze around (being happy of the situation).

Le soleil, la plage, les doigts de pieds en éventail, ça c’est des vacances: Sun, beach, enjoying laziness, real holidays!
Tu vas rester toute la journée les doigts de pieds en éventail? il y a du travail: are you going to laze around all day? you have work to do.

245 – Daily French Expression: Fauché: flat broke, hard-up.

(main meaning: to reap, to mow)
Il est fauché comme les blés: he hasn’t got a bean.
Je ne peux pas aller au cinéma je suis fauché: I can’t go to the cinema, I am flat broke.

246 – Daily French Expression: Gaga: gaga.

T’es gaga ou quoi? are you gaga?
Il est gaga des jouets pour enfants: he is nuts about children’ toy.

247 – Daily French Expression: Arriver comme dans un fauteuil: to win hands down.

Il a franchit la ligne d’arrivée comme dans un fauteuil: he crossed the finishing line easily.
Il a remporté les élections dans un fauteuil: he won the elections hands down.

248 – Daily French Expression: Feignant, Fainéant: lazybones.

Mais quelle grosse feignasse! What a lazybones
Je ne suis pas feignant, je suis fatigué: I am not lazy, I am tired!

249 – Daily French Expression: Se fendre la poire (literally: to split one’s pear): to have a good laugh.

On s’est fendu la poire pendant le film: we had a good laugh during the movie.
ça fait longtemps qu’on ne s’est pas fendu la poire comme ça: it’s been a long time since we had such a good laugh.

250 – Daily French Expression: Femmelette: weakling, wimp.

Sors de ton lit, c’est une petite araignée, quelle femmelette! go out of your bed it is a tiny spider, what a wimp!
Elle veut un homme, pas une femmelette: she wants a man not a wimp!

251 – Daily French Expression: flotte, flotter: rain, water, to rain

(flotte also means fleat)
Il a flotté toute la journée: it has been raining all day.
J’en ai marre de cette flotte: I am fed up of this water.

252 – Daily French Expression: être fumasse, fumax: to be angry.
Pas de quoi être fumasse: no reason to be angry.

Je suis fumasse contre la météo, ils ont dit qu’il ferait beau et il pleut! I am fuming against the weather forecast, it should be nice and it is raining!

253 – Daily French Expression: va voir ailleurs si j’y suis: get lost!

Tu me fatigues, va voir ailleurs si j’y suis: you are boring, get lost!
Je suis occupé, va donc voir ailleurs si j’y suis: I am busy, go elsewhere and see if I am there.

254 – Daily French Expression: Poser un lapin: to stand up.

J’ai attendu, il n’est pas venu, il m’a encore posé un lapin: I waited, he did not come, I got stood up.

255 – Daily French Expression: Maboul: crazy.

Mais il est complètement maboul ce type: this guy is completely crazy.
T’es maboul ou quoi? are you crazy?

256 – Daily French Expression: Manche: here Useless, oaf

Mais laisse-moi faire, tu t’y prends comme un manche: let me doing it, you are making a real mess of it.
Tu conduis vraiment comme un manche: you really are a lousy driver.

257 – Daily French Expression: Pantouflard: stay-at-home.

(une pantoufle is a slipper)
En vacances, c’est un vrai pantouflard: during holidays, he is a real homebody.

258 – Daily French Expressions: Faire des papouilles: to tickle

Il fait des papouilles au bébé: he is giving the baby a tickle.
Je n’aime pas les papouilles: I don’t like ticking.
(papouille is a baby word, we can say des chatouilles, chatouiller) 

259 – Daily French Expressions: Pipi-room: toilet

Désolé, mais je dois aller au pipi-room
WE also say: le petit coin

260 – Daily French Expressions: Le plumard: the bed.

Pendant les vacances, je reste au plumard tous les jours: on holidays, I hit the sack everyday.

261- Daily French Expressions: être à poil : the be naked.

Pendant les vacances, je suis à Poil: during holidays, I will be in Poil (it is a city and a play on words too).
Il se baigne à poil: he goes skinny-dipping.

262- Daily French Expressions: Poireauter: to hang about (poireau = leek)

ça fait une heure que je fais le poireau (or que je poireaute): I have been hanging around for 1 hour.
Allo? qu’est-ce que tu fais? je t’attends, tu vas me laisser poireauter longtemps? allo, what are you doing? I am waiting for you, are you going to leave me hanging around for a long time?

263- Daily French Expressions: Tiré par les cheveux: far-fetched, hard to believe.

Ton excuse, elle est tirée par les cheveux: your excuse is hard to believe.
J’ai la solution du problème mais c’est un peu tiré par les cheveux: I have the solution to this problem but it is a little far-fetched.

264- Daily French Expressions: être (ou marcher) à côté de ses pompes: absent-minded, unfocused.

Tu es à coté de tes pompes ce matin! you are really out of it this morning.
C’est quoi ce travail. tu es complètement à côtés de tes pompes: what is this job? you are away of it!

265- Daily French Expressions: Tomber dans les pommes: to pass out, to faint.

Quand je vois du sang, je tombe dans les pommes: when I see blood, I pass out.
Je suis tombé dans les pommes et je ne me rappelle plus de rien: I passed out and I can’t remember anything.

266- Daily French Expressions: Tourner la page: to start a new chapter

J’ai tourné la page, j’ai tout pardonné: I started a new chapter, I forgave everything.
C’est de l’histoire ancienne, j’ai tourné la page depuis longtemps: it is an old story, I started a new chapter a long time ago.

267- Daily French Expressions: Faire la popote, faire la tambouille: to do the cooking, to cook the grub.

C’est à ton tour de faire la popote: it is your turn to do the cooking.
ça c’est de la bonne tambouille: that’s what I call food!

268 – Daily French Expressions: Lâcher une perle, faire un prout: to fart

The correct word is péter or faire un pet.
J’ai lâché une perle pendant la réunion, personne n’a su que c’était moi: I farted during the meeting, nobody knew it was me.

269- Daily French Expressions: être potes: to be buddies, pallies

Toi, tu es mon pote: you really are my friend
Alors les potes, ça va? hey my friends, everything’s ok?

270- Daily French Expressions: entre quat’z yeux: in private, face to face.

On va régler ça entre quat’z yeux: we will fix that face to face!
Il faut que je lui parle entre quat’z yeux: I need to get her alone.

271 – Daily French Expressions: être relax: to be relaxed

Hey relax! c’est pas si grave!: hey keep cool, it is not so serious
Relax max, cool Raoul! Dude ma, chill out!

272 – Daily French Expressions: Ric-rac: just, touch and go

Les fins du mois sont ric-rac avec la crise: ends of the months are tight because of the crisis.
L’arrivée de la course a été ric-rac, on ne sait pas encore qui a gagné: the end of the race was tight, we don’t know yet who is the winner.

273 – Daily French Expressions: rififi: trouble, problem

Il y a du rififi au gouvernement: there are some troubles in the government
Du rififi dans les prisons françaises, au moins 1 mort par jour: Problems in the French Jail, at least one death per day!

274 – Daily French Expressions: Riquiqui: tiny

Cet appartement est vraiment riquiqui: this flat is really tiny.
Mon gâteau est riquiqui et le sien est énorme, c’est pas juste: my cake is tiny and his is enormous, it is not fair.

275- Daily French Expressions: Piquer une ronflette: to take a nap

Il est 13h? j’ai le temps de piquer une ronflette: It is 1pm? I have time to take a nap
J’ai piqué une ronflette en plein cours, le prof est si ennuyeux: I took a nap in the classroom, the teacher is so boring!
(it comes from the verb ronfler: to snore)

276- Daily French Expressions: raconter des salades: to spin yarns, to tell stories

J’ai l’impression que tu me racontes des salades: I have the feeling that you are telling me stories.
T’as fini de me raconter des salades? dis-moi la vérité! have you finished to spin yarns, tell me the truth!

277- Daily French Expression: être sapé: to be dressed

tu as vu comment elle es sapée? c’est ridicule: have you seen how she is dressed? it is ridiculous.
hé, tu es bien sapé, tu vas où? hey you are well-dressed, where are you going?

278- Daily French Expression: la saucée: downpour

J’ai pris une de ces saucées, je suis trempé jusqu’aux os!: I got soaked, I am totally wet.
Quelle saucée, il fait meilleur chez soi: what a downpour, it is better to stay home.

279- Daily French Expression: la savate: the shoe

je traine ma savate, je ne sais pas quoi faire: I am bumming around, I don’t know what to do.
Trainer la savate: to bum around.

280- Daily French Expression: passer un savon: to give a telling-off

Elle m’a passé un de ces savons: she gave me such a telling-off
Le président a passé un savon a ses ministres: the president gave a telling-off to his ministers

281- Daily French Expressions: c’est chouette:  it’s great

Tu es un chouette type: you are a nice guy
J’ai gagné, c’est super chouette: I won, it is really great!
(la chouette is an animal: owl)

282- Daily French Expressions: être scié: to be staggered

Non? c’est pas vrai? alors là, tu me scies: No? really? well, it bowled me over
J’ai lu les infos, ça m’a scié: I read the news, I am staggered.

283- Daily French Expressions: être à sec: to be broke (no money)

Je ne peux pas t’aider, je suis à sec: I can’t help you, I am broke.
Je suis à sec, sans le sou! I am broke , no penny.

284- Daily French Expressions: je sèche: I am stumped

Je sèche sur ce problème de maths: I am stumped byt this math problem.
c’est quoi la réponse? parce que là je sèche: what is the answer? because that’s got me stumped.
(sécher also means to skip, il a séché l’école: he skipped school.)

285- Daily French Expressions: ne pas pouvoir sentir quelqu’un: to not like someone

Le voisin? je ne peux pas le sentir: the neighbour? I don’t like him.
Elles sont soeurs mais elles ne peuvent pas se sentir: they are sisters but can’t bear each other.

286- Daily French Expressions: taper sur le système: to get on someone nerves

Tu me tapes vraiment sur le système: you really get on my nerves
Mon voisin me tape sur le système: my neighbour gets on my nerves.

287- Daily French Expressions: tablettes de chocolat: abs, abdominals

Ouah tu as vu ses abdos, une vraie tablette de chocolat: wow, have you see his abs, a real chocolate bar!

288- Daily French Expressions: une taloche: a slap

Tu veux une taloche? do you want a slap?
Je vais talocher ce gamin si il continue: I am going to slap this kid if he goes on.

289- Daily French Expressions: un tarin: a nose , a snoot, a conk

T’as vu son tarin, il est énorme: have you seen his nose, it is enormous

290- Daily French Expressions: un taf: a job

J’ai un super taf, et très bien payé: I have a great job and very well paid.
Qu’est-ce que tu fais après le taf? what will you do after working?

291- Daily French Expressions: c’est le pied: it is great!

Les vacances, c’est le pied, je fais ce que je veux: holidays, it is great, I can do what I want.
C’est pas le pied comme boulot: this job is not great.

292- Daily French Expressions: comme un pied: very badly, lousy.

Mais il joue vraiment comme un pied: but he is really a lousy player.

293- Daily French Expressions: faire un pied de nez à quelqu’un: to thumb one’s nose at somebody

Il m’a fait un pied de nez: he thumbed his nose at me!
Un pied de nez à la crise: A thumb in the nose at the crisis.

294- Daily French Expressions: mettre les pieds dans le plat: to boob and also to put one’s foot down.

Désolé, je crois que j’ai mis les pieds dans le plat: sorry, I think I put my foot in it.
Elle ne te l’avait pas dit? oups, j’ai mis les pieds dans le plat: she did not tell you? ups, I put my foot in it.

295- Daily French Expressions: en faire des tartines: to make reams of something

Je t’ai demandé d’écrire une page, pas d’en faire des tartines: I asked you to write one page, not to make a ream.
Il en fait toujours des tartines: he always does more than what we ask him.
(une tartine is a slice of bread)

296- Daily French Expressions: la téloche (colloquial): television, box, telly

Il y a quoi ce soir à la téloche: What is the program tonight on tv?

297- Daily French Expressions: être tranquillos: to have some peace, quietly, to feel easy.

Aujourd’hui, c’est tranquillos, je me repose: today will be calm, I will have a rest.
Pas si vite, tranquillos: not so fast,  calmly.
Tu es un mec tranquillos: you are an easy-going guy.

298- Daily French Expressions: être timbré: to be nuts.

Il est complètement timbré celui-là: this guy is completely cracked.
(un timbre is a stamp  and alos a bell for a bike)

299- Daily French Expressions: un toutou: a dog, a bow-wow

Viens ici mon toutou, il est beau mon toutou: come here my dog, it is cute my doggie.
Il obéit à sa femme comme un toutou: he obeys his wife like a lamb.

300- Daily French Expressions: le toubib: the doctor

Demain, je vias chez le toubib: tomorrow, I will go to the doctor’s
Je suis allé voir le toubib avec Alain Delon: I went to watch the Medic with Alain Delon.

French Idiomatic Expressions – 4

French Idiomatic Expressions – 4


301- Daily French Expressions: avoir une araignée au plafond: to get a screw loose

Il a une araignée au plafond ce type: this guy gets a screw loose!

302- Daily French Expressions: traviole: crooked

Il fait tout de traviole: he does everything wrong
La maison est de traviole: the house is crooked

303- Daily French Expressions: 36 (trente-six): never or many

Il n’y a pas 36 solutions: there are not many solutions.
ça fait 36 fois que je te le dis, tu n’écoutes pas: I have told you that fifty times, you are not listening!
Je l’appelle tous les trente-six du mois: I call him once in a blue moon.

304- Daily French Expressions: le trognon: the core or cute.

Ils m’ont eu jusqu’au trognon: they had me good and proper!
Il est trognon ce bébé: this baby is so cute.

305- Daily French Expressions: la tronche: face, mug

Quelle tronche tu fais ce matin! What a face this morning!
Il a vraiment une sale tronche: he’s got a nasty face.
Tu arrêtes de tirer la tronche? would you stop making a face?

306- Daily French Expressions: vachement: really

C’est vachement bon: it is really good.
C’est vachement plus grave: it is much more serious.

307- Daily French Expressions: en vadrouille: out on a ramble

Je suis souvent en vadrouille: I am often out wandering
Le film baby’s day out se dit bébé part en vadrouille en français: the movie babay’s day out is bébé part en vadrouille in French.

308- Daily French Expressions: avoir des valises sous les yeux: to have bags uneder one’s eye

Je n’ai pas dormir, j’ai des valises sous les yeux: I did not sleep, I have bags under my eyes
The correct word is “cerne” (ring), we also say avoir des poches sous les yeux.

309- Daily French Expressions: être vénère: to get on one’s nerves

Je suis vénère, qui a cassé ça? I am very irritated, who broke this?
vénère is slang verlan and comes from énerver.

310- Daily French Expressions: le violon: the cells

J’ai passé la nuit au violon: I spent the night in the cells
Of course, the first meaning is violin.

311- Daily French Expressions: un trouillard: a yellowbelly, a fearful person

Reviens, ce n’est qu’un chien, quel trouillard! come back, it is just a dog, what a yellowbelly!
Tu es une vraie trouillarde, c’est une petite souris: you really are a yellowbelly, it is little mouse!

312- Daily French Expressions: sortir de son trou: to go out of one’s backyard.

Elle n’est jamais sorti de son trou: she has never been out of her own backyard.
Arrête de regarder la télé et sors de ton trou: stop watching tv and go out!

313- Daily French Expressions: raplapla: so tired, done in (also flat).

Je me sens tout raplapla aujourd’hui: I feel so tired today!
J’ai les cheveux raplapla, j’ai besoin d’un shampoing: my hairs are flat, I need a shampoo!
We also say ratapla.

314- Daily French Expressions: ne pas avoir les yeux en face des trous: not to see something obvious.

Il est sur la table! tu n’as pas les yeux en face des trous? It is on the table! just under your nose!

315- Daily French Expressions: Ne pas avoir froid aux yeux: to be adventurous

Tu as dit ça au patron? tu n’as pas froid aux yeux! you said that to the boss? I have yo say you have somo nerve.
Je ‘ai pas froid aux yeux, j’aime prendre des risques: I am pretty adventurous, I like to take risks.

316- Daily French Expressions: la zappette: tv remote control

La zappette, c’est pour zapper! the remote control is for zapping!
J’utilise la zappette quand il y a la pub: I use the remote control during ads.

317- Daily French Expressions: zarbi (bizarre): strange, odd

Ce type, il est un peu zarbi, tu ne trouves pas? this guy is a bit strange, don’t you think?
Tu es vraiment zarbi: you are so freaky!

318- Daily French Expressions: Zinzin: nuts

Tu ne serais pas un peu Zinzin? would not you be a bit nuts?
Elle le rend complètement zinzin:  she is driving him scatty!

319- Daily French Expressions: accro: addicted, hooked

Je suis accro au vélo: I am a bike-addicted
Il est accro à elle: He is hooked on her.

320- Daily French Expressions: à donf (à fond): like crazy, full on

Il roule à donf: he drives like crazy
Tu es d’accord avec nous? – à donf: do you agree with us? totally!
J’ai mis la musique à donf: I put the music to the maximum.

321- Daily French Expressions: Une bonne femme (not always pejorative): a woman

Expressions with bonne femme:
Un remède de bonne femme : folk cure
Des histoires de bonnes femmes: folk stories.
Une recette de bonne femme: grand ma recipe.
Sa bonne femme lui a passé un savon: his old woman
C’est une drôle de bonne femme: she is a funny poor thing.

322- Daily French Expressions: le môme: kid

Quel sale môme: horrible little kid
On appelle la chanteuse Edith Piaf, la môme: The French singer Edith Piaf is called “la môme”.

323- Daily French Expressions: décrocher la lune: to move heaven and earth

Il décrocherait la lune pour sa femme: he would move heaven and earth for his wife.
J’irai décrocher la lune: I will do the impossible.

324- Daily French Expressions: une peau de vache: ratbag, fogey.

Mon patron, c’est une vraie peau de vache: My boss is a real ratbag!
Une jolie fleur dans une peau de vache (Brassens singer): a nice flower in a ratbag!

325- Daily French Expressions: un chameau: nasty kid, man etc…

Oh, mais quel chameau! What a nasty boy (girl)
Quel vieux chameau: What an old nasty man.
Chameau means camel and in this expression we only use the masculine form.

326- Daily French Expressions: le fiston: son

Ne dis rien à ta mère, fiston: don’t tell your mother, sonny.
Bonne chance, fiston: good luck, my son!
(there is no word for daughter)

317- Daily French Expressions: un câlin: a hug, cuddle

Un gros câlin à mon fiston: a big cuddle to my son!
J’ai besoin d’un câlin: I need a hug!

318- Daily French Expressions: grassouillet: podgy, pudgy.

La Top-modèle est un peu grassouillette: the top model is a bit podgy.
Un bébé bien grassouillet: a baby podgy.

329- Daily French Expressions: maigrichon: skinny

Je te trouve un peu maigrichon, tu n’es pas malade: I find you a little skinny, are you ill?

330- Daily French Expressions: des poignées d’amour: love handles

Je dois faire du sport, regarde mes poignées d’amour: I need to do more sport, look at my love handles!

331- Daily French Expressions: Addition salée: a steep bill.

L’addition (la note) est salée dans ce restaurant, ils font payer l’eau! The bill is steep in this restaurant, water is not free!
(in a restaurant in France, tap water and bread are free, law: n° 25-268 du 8 juin 1967).
You can also say: très chère, élevée, exorbitante. Colloquial: c’est chérot!

336- Daily French Expressions: Les poulets (chicken): Police

Atten2ion, voilà les poulets: be careful, here are the police.

333- Daily French Expressions: un voyou: a lout, a rascal

Bande de petits voyous! you little rascal!
Ceux qui ont fait ça sont des voyous: those whose made that are lout.

334- Daily French Expressions: l’auberge: inn, hotel, slang: jail

On n’est pas sorti de l’auberge: we are not out of the wood (the difficulties are not finished)
Auberge de jeunesse: Youth Hostel.

335- Daily French Expressions: une bagnole: a car (slang)

ça, c’est de la bagnole: this is what I call a car!
Ne touche pas à ma bagnole: hands off my car.

336- Daily French Expressions: être de bon poil: to be in a good mood

Fais gaffe, il n’est pas de bon poil: be careful, he is not in a good mood.
Mais tu es de mauvais poil ce matin: but you are in a bad mood this morning.

337- Daily French Expressions: dur à avaler: hard to take

Il a eu du mal à avaler la nouvelle: h found the news hard to take
Nous sommes virés? c’est dur à avaler: we are fired? it is hard to swallow.

338- Daily French Expressions: une gaffe: a blunder

Je crois que j’ai fais une gaffe: I think I made a blunder!
J’ai gaffé, je lui ai dit c’est quoi la surprise: I blundered, I told him what the surprise is.
However “fait gaffe” means ‘be careful’.

339- Daily French Expressions: Fais de beaux rêves: sweet dreams.

Bonne nuit, fais de beaux rêves: good night, sweet dreams!

340- Daily French Expressions: Avoir le trac, Avoir l’estomac noué: to have butterflies in the stomach

To have butterflies in the stomach: “avoir le trac” or “être nerveux” or “avoir l’estomac noué”. Je suis nerveux, j’attends les résultats de mon examen (I have butterflies waiting the results of my exam). J’ai le trac avant de chanter (I have butterflies before singing)

341- Daily French Expressions: a bad newspaper, a rag

Un chou is a cabbage , but in a colorful language, une feuille de chou is a rag.

342- Daily French Expressions: Il y a du monde au balcon: She is well stacked (endowed)

It is a funny expression (not a rude one) said by men of course! The meaning is “the balcony is full of people”.

343- Daily French Expressions: Avoir la banane: to have a big smile.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai la banane: today I have a big smile on my face.

344- Daily French Expressions: ce n’est pas de la tarte: it is not easy matter.

Cet exercice n’est pas de la tarte: this exercise is not easy matter.
ça ne va pas être de la tarte: it is not going to be easy!

345- Daily French Expressions: le panier à salade: paddy wagon, black maria.

Allez zou! tous dans le panier à salade: get a move on! everybody in the police van!

346 – Daily French Expressions: ça va barder: things are going to get hot!

Arrête sinon ça va barder! Stop or sparks are going to fly!
Meaning: it is becoming dangerous.
You can also say: ça va chauffer!

347 – Daily French Expressions: le baratin: sweet talk, sales talk

Quel baratin, elle parte trop et on ne comprend rien: what a chatter, she is speaking too much and we don’t understand anything!

348 – Daily French Expressions: un bavard, une bavarde: chatterbox, talkative

Il est bavard comme une pie (magpie): he is a real chatterbox.

349 – Daily French Expressions: BCBG: Chic and conservative

An abbreviation for “bon chic bon genre”, it is a stereotype of upper middle class person with outward signs of wealth. We can say ‘posh’ but only for people.

350 – Daily French Expressions: oh la barbe! what a pain! how boring!

Oh la barbe, je m’endors: what a pain, I am falling asleep!
Ce type est vraiment barbant: this guy is just a bore!

351 – Daily French Expressions: Clair et net: perfectly clear

Le résultat des élections est clair et net: the results of the poll is quite clear.
Clair et net is very used in French.

352 – Daily French Expressions: Se mettre le doigt dans l’oeil: to be mistaken, to be off the subject.

Alors là, tu te mets le doigt dans l’oeil!: Now, you are totally mistaken.

353 – Daily French Expressions: un bidon, un bedon: belly, potbelly

J’ai un gros bidon (j’ai du bide), je dois faire de l’exercice: I have a potbelly, I need to take some exercice.

354- Daily French Expressions: Clouer le bec: to reduce someone to silence

Je lui ai cloué le bec une fois pour toute: I shut his mouth once for all!
( un bec is a beak, clouer is to nail)

355- Daily French Expressions: balle: euro

a balle is a bullet or a ball but is used in some expressions:
T’as pas cent balles: do you have 100 euros?
Une question à deux balles: an easy to reply question.
Une blague à deux balles: a stupid joke.

356- Daily French Expressions: Bio: organic

Aliments bio: organic food
Agriculture bio: organic farming

357- Daily French Expressions: du balai: clear off!

Donner un coup de balai: to make a clean sweep.
Coup de balai sur les prix: clean sweep on the prices!
Allez zou, du balai: off with you, clear off!

358- Daily French Expressions: hein? what?

Hein? tu as lu ça? What? did you read that?
Qu’est-ce que tu fais? hein? What are you doing, eh?

359- Daily French Expressions: Ze best = the best

We frenchify some English words: Instead of saying ‘the’, we say “ze” and it is not rare to hear “ze best”, “ze man” etc… a new brand exists in France a coffee shop called “Ze Bar”

360- Daily French Expressions: un truc de ouf: something mad or unbelievable

Tu as vu ce qu’il a fait avec son vélo? un truc de ouf! have you seen what he made with his bike? completely mad!
Ouf is the verlan for FOU: crazy, mad.

361- Daily French Expressions: le boucan: din, noise

C’est fini ce boucan? will you stop this noise?

362- Daily French Expressions: boucher un coin: to blow somebody’ mind

Alors là, tu m’en bouches un coin: now you are blowing my mind.

363- Daily French Expressions: un conducteur en herbe: a budding driver.

Herbe means grass, and we say “un écrivain en herbe” (a budding writer) etc…

364- Daily French Expressions: perdre la boule: to go nuts

Je ne sais pas où j’ai mis mes lunettes. – tu perds la boule mon ami! I don’t where I put my glasses. – you go nuts my friend.

365- Daily French Expressions: raconter des bobards: to tell lies

Arrête de raconter des bobards, personne ne te croit: stop telling lies, nobody believes you.

366- Daily French Expressions: un boulet: a millstone around one’s neck

Un boulet is a ball and chain.
Arrête de me suivre, tu es un vrai boulet: stop following me, you are a real millstone round my neck.

367- Daily French Expressions: bourré: drunk

Bourré means packed, you can say that a room is packed, une salle est bourré. It also means a lot of: il est bourré de fric: he is very rich.
And finally “bourré” means drunk!

368- Daily French Expressions: à la bourre: in a hurry

Je suis à la bourre: I am in a hurry!

369- Daily French Expressions: la malbouffe: junk eating

This word comes from mal (bad) and bouffe (junk food), we use it to express how some people eat badly nowadays and the effects on the human body: en guerre contre la malbouffe: at war against junk food! The verb bouffer means to eat, it is slang but not rude and you can say it for any kind of food.

370- Daily French Expressions: avoir la bougeotte: to fidget

Tu as vraiment la bougeotte: you are real fidget.
Bougeotte comes from the verb bouger: to move!

371- Daily French Expressions: la cerise sur le gâteau: cherry on the cake

C’est la cerise sur la gâteau, je ne m’y attendais pas: it is the cherry on the cake, I did not expect it.

372- Daily French Expressions: comme une lettre à la poste: without a hitch

Alors ron examen, comment ça s’est passé? – comme une lettre à la poste: well, your exam, how did it go off? – with no hitch!

373- Daily French Expressions: avoir la boule à zéro: to have a shaven head

Regarde! elle a la boule à zéro: look! she has a shaven head.
We also say: plus un poil sur le caillou (as bald as an egg)

374- Daily French Expressions: se voler dans les plumes: to make the feathers fly, to attack someone

Tais-toi, tais-toi, mais je vais lui voler dans les plumes: shut up, shut up, I am going to make the feathers fly!

375- Daily French Expressions: metro, boulot, dodo: the same daily routine

J’ai besoin de vacances pour fuir le metro, boulot, dodo: I need vacation to flee the same old daily routine, work, work, work

376- Daily French Expressions: la grasse mat: a lie-in

Demain, c’est dimanche, je fais la grasse mat jusqu’à 11h: tomorrow, Sunday, I will lie)in till 11am
Grasse mat is the abbreviation of la grasse matinée.

377- Daily French Expressions: Main, all the words (slang and popular) in French to say Hand

Les menottes, les mimines, la pince, la paluche, la pogne,: menottes and mimines are for children, instead of “se serrer la main” (to shake hands) you can say “se serrer la pince”. (we also use: pattes, louches)

378- Daily French Expressions: Pied, all the words (slang and popular) to say Foot in French:

Les pieds, les panards, les ripations, les petons.

379- Daily French Expressions: avoir le mot sur le bout de la langue: the word is on the tip of my tongue

Oh, c’est pas possible, je l’ai sur le bout de la langue, non, je ne me rappelle plus: Oh, it is not possible, I got it on the tip of my tongue, no, I can’t remember.

380- Daily French Expressions: sans queue ni tête: cock-and-bull

C’est une histoire sans queue ni tête: this is a cock-and-bull story
ça n’a ni queue ni tête, ce que tu dis: that’s just rubbish, what you are saying!

381- Daily French Expressions: avoir la langue pendue: to have the gift of gab, a bit of a gossip.

Ne lui dis rien car elle a la langue bien pendue: Don’t tell her anything, she has the gift of the gab!

382- Daily French Expressions: Donner sa langue au chat: to give up.

Je ne connais pas la réponse, je donne ma langue au chat: I d’ont know the answer, I give up.

383- Daily French Expressions: se faire remonter les bretelles:  to get a tongue-lashing, a dressing-down.

Le patron lui a remonté les bretelles: the boss gave him a dressing-down!

343- Daily French Expressions: brancher: fancy to do

ça te brancherait d’aller à la plage? Do you fancy to go to the beach?

385- Daily French Expressions: Avaler sa langue: to remain silent

Ben quoi? tu dis plus rien? t’as avalé ta langue? So? you don’t say a word? Did you swallow your tongue?
We also say “tu as perdu ta langue”.

386- Daily French Expressions: Faire la bringue: to have a party

Aujourd’hui c’est vendredi, ce soir on fait la bringue, youpi! Todays it is Friday, to nicht we will have a party, yippee!

387- Daily French Expressions: bricoler: to DIY

Moi ce week-end, je bricole: This week-end, I will make some DIY (little jobs at home)

388- Daily French Expressions: Avoir de la bouteille: to be around a long time

When someone has been working in the same field for a long time, he or she knows very well the job, so we say:

Elle or il a de la bouteille! (like a good wine, it takes time)

389- Daily French Expressions: le bouche à oreille: by word of mouth

Cela devait être du bouche à oreille, mais maintenant tout le monde le sait: it had to be confidential and now everybody knows it.

390- Daily French Expressions: un coup de pouce: a little help, a nudge

J’ai besoin d’un petit coup de pouce pour finir mon devoir, tu peux m’aider? I need a little help with my homework, could you help me?

391- Daily French Expressions: ça sent la cocotte: it smells too much like a cheap perfume

Une cocotte is a popular word for chicken and also woman.

Tiens, voilà Paul, hé Paul, ça sent la cocotte aujourd’hui, tu es tombé dans la bouteille de parfum? Look, here is Paul, hey Paul there is a strange smelling today, did you fall in the perfume bottle?

392- Daily French Expressions: se tourner les pouces: to twiddle one’s thumbs

En vacances, je me tourne les pouces: On holiday, I never know what to do.

393- Daily French Expressions: hélas: alas

We use “hélas” to express how we are sorry and our disappointment
Hélas, il ne viendra pas: I am afraid he won’t come.
Hélas oui! Yes, unfortunately.
Hélas, trois fois hélas:  Alas
Va-t-elle mieux? – hélas, non! Is she better? I am afraid not.
Hélas pour moi! Bad luck!

394- Daily French Expressions: un coup de soleil: a sunburn

J’ai attrapé un bon coup de soleil: I got sunburnt (in French: I caught a sunburn)

395- Daily French Expressions: le Farniente: lazing around

It is an Italian word we use in French, far: to do, niente: nothing!
Je fais du farniente sur la plage: I am lazing on the beach

396- Daily French Expressions: Au voleur: stop thief

You are on holiday in France and someone has stolen something to you,
to say “stop thief”: au voleur!
To call the police: 17 or 112 .

397- Daily French Expressions: Au secours, à l’aide: help!

Two expressions when something bad happens.
Pay attention to “à l’aide de” which means ‘with the help of”:
à l’aide de ma calculatrice, je peux finir rapidement: with the help of my calculator, I can finish quickly.
But: “les pompiers sont venus à l’aide de la grand-mère”: the firemen went and helped the old woman.

398- Daily French Expressions: Issue de Secours: Emergency Exit

The word “issue” in French has nothing to do with ‘issue’ in English, une issue is an exit or a solution.
This is the expression you can see written in France or also: Sortie de Secours.

399- Daily French Expressions: Porte de derrière: backdoor

Derrière means behind, back and also bottom, the today expression may be a play of words between backdoor and toilet door.

400- Daily French Expressions: baignade interdite: no swimming

Baignade comes from baigner: to bath, to swim.

French Idiomatic Expressions – 2


Don’t think that these expressions are like “icing on a cake”, they are really used when French people speak.


101- Daily French Expression: Piquer du nez: To nod off.

Regarde, il pique du nez sur son bureau: Look, he is nodding off on his desk.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

– I am full of beans, that’s why I won, and there is no doubt!
– You make fun of me, this afternoon you will be so tired that you will be nodding off on your desk.

102- Daily French Expression: Se sauver: to be off.

The first meaning is to escape, to run away.
Il est tard, je me sauve: It is getting late, I am off!
Elle s’est sauvée sans dire au revoir: she went out without saying bye bye.

103- Daily French Expression: Poireauter: to hang about.

Il m’a fait poireauter 1 heure et il n’est pas venu: He left me hanging about 1 hour and he did not come!
ça fait une heure que je poireaute: I have been hanging about for 1 hour!

104- Daily French Expression: grave: a lot.

Mais tu m’embêtes grave: you are really bothering me! Je m’ennuie grave: I am bored to death.

105- Daily French Expression: Dire des nouvelles: to be sure you will like it.

Goûte ça, tu m’en diras des nouvelles: Taste this, I am sure you will like it! We use this expression mainly at the future tense.

106- Daily French Expression: ça marche: it is ok!

Alors tu viens à 4 heures, ça marche? Well, you will come at 4, is that ok?
Ça marche toujours pour demain? Is that still ok for tomorrow?

Ça coûte trois fois rien: it cost next to nothing.
Tu as mal? Non, non, c’est trois fois rien! Does it hurt? No, it is nothing.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

Speaking? You can’t come? but I have been hanging about for half an hour!Tomorrow? it is ok! sorry I am off, speak to you later!Don’t worry, it is nothing!

108- Daily French Expression: Un point c’est tout! full stop, period.

Non, je n’en veux pas, un point c’est tout! No, I don’t want it, full stop!
Tu arrêtes de parler, un point c’est tout: you stop talking, end of the matter!
Je n’irai pas, un point c’est tout: I won’t go, full stop!

109- Daily French Expression: être à côté de la plaque: to be way off the mark (to be wrong).

Qu’est-ce que tu racontes, tu es complètement à côté de la plaque: what are you saying, you are widly way off the mark.
Ils ont dit qu’il pleuvrait et il fait beau, ils sont à côté de la plaque: They said it would rain and the weather is good, they are totally wrong!

110- Daily French Expression: Se rendre compte de: just imagine, to realize.

Non, mais tu te rends comptes? il est fou! No, but can you just imagine? he is crazy! Il m’a dit va-t-en, tu te rends comptes! He told me go out, can you just imagine?(the main meaning is to realize)

111- Daily French Expression: se tirer d’affaire: to get out of a scrape.

On a eu chaud, mais on n’est pas tiré d’affaire: it was a close shave, but we are not out of trouble yet! La crise est finie, on est tiré d’affaire: the crisis is over, we are safe!

112: Daily French Expression: se creuser la cervelle: to rack one’s brain.

Il va falloir se creuser la cervelle pour trouver une nouvelle idée: We need to rack our brain to find a new idea. Tu ne te creuses pas beaucoup la cervelle toi! you don’t make a lot of effort!

113: Daily French Expression: être à deux doigt de: to come very close to doing, to be within a hair’s breadth of.

J’étais à deux doigts de terminer quand tu es arrivé: I was within a hair’s breadth of finishing when you arrived.
Il est à deux doigts de se faire virer: he is close to being fired!
Barcelone est à deux doigts de l’exploit: Barça is very close to feat.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

I was close to get out of a scrape, can you imagine?But I was widly way off the mark and I had to rack my brain for an hour before getting the solution.

114: Daily French Expression: l’écraser: to shut up

Bon, tu l’écrases maintenant: well, would you shut up now?
Il parle beaucoup mais il l’écrase devant son patron: he speaks a lot but never says a word in front of his boss.

115: Daily French Expression: Pauvre type: dead loss, palooka, schnook

T’es vraiment un pauvre type: you are really a schnook
Mais quel pauvre type! What a bastard!
(the pronunciation is something like pov tip)

116: Daily French Expression: Débile mental: half-wit

T’es un gros débile mental: you are absolutely half-wit Je ne comprends toujours pas, j’ai l’impression d’être un débile mental: I still don’t understand, I feel like a half-wit!

117: Daily French Expression: Tronche: face

Il a vraiment une sale tronche: he’s got a nasty face T’en fais une tronche, qu’est-ce qui ne va pas? What a mug, what’s wrong? Tu tires encore la tronche? You still make a face? Tu te fous de ma tronche? Are you taking the piss out of me? Even Gavroche in Les Misérables de Victore Hugo shouted: “on ne dit pas la tête, on dit la tronche!”

118: Daily French Expression: le zizi: willy, dink

It is a baby and polite word and it is part of the family jewels (les bijoux de famille) To pee is “faire pipi” or “pisser”. Il se promène le zizi à l’air: he is walking around bare-dink!

119: Daily French Expression: Cailler: avoir froid, faire froid

Ça caille aujourd’hui: it is freezing today.
Je me caille dur! I am freezing!

Translate into French with the expressions you learnt:

– I am freezing, I am freezing!
Shut  up! I am going to close the window!
– Hey, what’s wrong? I am freezing, full stop!
– Have you seen your face with this hat? you look like a dumb!
– What you say makes no difference to me!
Really? I thought you were freezing?

The expressions are in bold.

120. Daily French Expression: Avoir la crève: to get a cold

Qu’est-ce que tu as? t’es malade? – j’ai attrapé la crève: What’s up? are you ill? – I caught a bad cold!
J’ai la crève, je ne peux pas venir: I have a bad cold, I can’t come.

121- Daily French Expression: Bibi: me

Et qui va encore faire tout le travail? c’est bibi! and who is going to do the job again? it is me!
Mais bibi, il en a marre de payer! But yours truly is fed up paying!

122- Daily French Expression: schlinguer: to stink, to reek

Ça schlingue ici: it stinks here! Il ne s’est pas lavé depuis une semaine, il schlingue: He has not been washing himself for a week, he is stinking.

123- Daily French Expression: Frimeur, Frimeuse

Quel frimeur ce Marcel: What a show-off, this Marcel! Hé, Joe-la-frime, t’as de nouvelles grolles? Hey, flash Harry, you have a pair of new shoes?
We also say “crâneur, crâneuse”, and the verb is “frimer”.

124- Daily French Expression: Piger: to get it, to understand

Tu piges quelque chose, toi? Do you understand?
J’y pige que dalle: I just don’t get it!

125- Daily French Expression: à la bourre: late

Je me sauve, je suis à la bourre: I am off, I am very late.
Je ne peux pas venir, je suis à la bourre dans mon travail: I can’t come, I am behind with my work!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

I don’t get it, why this show-off stinks so much?
Well, I can’t tell you, because who is late? it is me!

126- Daily French Expression: tache: idiot, jerk

Quel pauvre tache! What an idiot!
Tu es vraiment une grosse tache: you just and idiot!

The main meaning of “tache”  is ‘stain, mark’.

127- Daily French Expression: tomber sur quelqu’un: to bump into somebody

Tu ne sais pas sur qui je suis tombé aujourd’hui? don’t you know who I bumped into today?
Je suis tombé sur Marcel: I bumped into Marcel.

You can also use it with things: je suis tombé sur mon vieux livre.

128- Daily French Expression: C’est parti mon kiki: here we go!

Les soldes ont commencé, c’est parti mon kiki: the sales season begun, here we go! Tu viens m’aider à bouger le meuble? – c’est parti mon kiki: Do you want to help me move the furniture? – Here, I am!

129- Daily French Expression: tomber à l’eau: to go up in the air, to fall apart

Ses plans sont tombés à l’eau: His projects fell apart. Son projet de week-end à la campagne tombe à l’eau car il va pleuvoir: her plan to spend the week-end in the countryside come adrift as it will rain!

130- Daily French Expression: Ce n’est pas la mer à boire: it is not a big deal!

Finir le travail à 18h00, ce n’est pas la mer à boire: It is not so hard to finish work at 6pm. J’ai un examen demain! -oh, ce n’est pas la mer à boire: I will take my exam tomorrow! Well, it is not the biggiest thing to face.

131- Daily French Expression: il n’y va pas de main morte: he does not pull his punches

Il n’y va pas de main morte avec le vin: he does not beat around the bush with the wine (he drinks too much)
Pour lutter contre la drogue, le président n’y va pas de main morte: to fight against drugs, the president does not pull his punches.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

You won’t guess who I bumped into this afternoon? this idiot of Marcel.He told me that the project went up in the air and we have to do it again from the beginning, he said: “it is not a big deal”, so here we go!

132- Daily French Expression: il n’y a pas de quoi faire un drame: don’t make a drama out of that.

Je me suis blessé! – ce n’est rien, il n’y a pas de quoi faire un drame: I hurt myself! – That’s nothing, don’t make a drama out of that.
Tu as perdu 1 euro, tu ne vas pas en faire un drame: you lost 1 euro, you are not going to make a drama out of that!

133- Daily French Expression: Marcher sur les pieds de quelqu’un: to tread on someone’s toes

Ne te laisse pas marcher sur les pieds: Don’t let anyone tread on your toes.
Il se laisse marcher sur les pieds et il ne dit rien: he lets anyone walk all over him and he does not say anything.

134- Daily French Expression: Compter pour du beurre: to count for nothing

Et moi alors? je compte pour du beurre? and what about me? Do I count for nothing? J’ai gagné 100 euros! – ah non, ça compte pour du beurre! I won 100 euros! – No, that does not count.

135- Daily French Expression: Faire la grasse matinée: to have a lie-in

Dimanche, tu ne me réveilles pas, je fais la grasse matinée: Don’t wake me up on Sunday, I will have a lie-in Faire la grasse matinée une fois par semaine c’est génial: Having a lie-in once a week it is great!

136- Daily French Expression: Prendre ses jambes à son cou: to run away

Il a entendu une explosion et il a pris ses jambes à son cou: he heard an explosion and he ran for his life.
Quand elle a vu la foule, ella a fait marche arrière et pris ses jambes à son cou: When she saw the crowd, she backtracked and ran away!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

He treads on my toes and says that there is no reason to make a drama out of that! Next time I will run away and will have a lie-in on next day!

137- Daily French Expression: Plier bagage: to pack up and go

Je crois qu’il va pleuvoir, il serait temps de plier bagage: I think itis going to rain, it is time to pack up.
À cause des taxes, les investisseurs ont décidé de plier bagage: because of the taxes, investors decided to pack up their bags.

138- Daily French Expression: Avoir les yeux plus grands que le ventre: Having the eyes bigger than the belly

Je n’en peux plus, j’ai eu les yeux plus gros que le ventre: I have had enough, I had the eyes begger than my stomach.
Il ne faut pas avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre: One should bite off only as much as one can chew.

139- Daily French Expression: Mignon à croquer (to bite): very cute.

Ce chanteur est mignon à croquer: this singer is so cute! Oh, regarde le bébé, il est mignon à croquer: Oh look at the baby, he is so cute.

140- Daily French Expression: Aller au petit coin: to go to the toilet (smallest room)

Il faut que j’aille au petit coin: I need to go to the toilet. Je vais au petit coin, j’ai une envie pressante: I have a sudden urge to go to the toilet.

141- Daily French Expression: Ne plus avoir un poil sur le caillou: he is as bald as an egg

Pierre? il n’a plus un poil sur le caillou: Peter? he is as bald as an egg!

142- Daily French Expression: Avoir un cheveu sur la langue: to have a lisp

On ne comprend rien avec son cheveu sur la langue: We can’t understand a word, he has a lisp!
Elle zozote, elle a un cheveu sur la langue: she is lisping, she has a lisp!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

The boss was very cute but now he is as bald as an egg and on top of that he has a lisp!
Don’t make me laugh or I will have to go to the toilet!

143- Daily French Expression: Maigre comme un clou: as thin as a rake

Il est maigre comme un clou, un vrai sac d’os: he is as thin as a rake, a real bag of bones!
Tu as vu la top modèle? elle est maigre comme un clou: have you seen this top model? she is as thin as a toothpick.

144- Daily French Expression: à poil: naked

Regarde! le voisin est encore à poil dans son jardin: Look! the neighbour is again naked in his garden.
Il aime se baigner à poil: he likes going skinny-dipping!
Ils l’ont mis à poil dans la douche: they got his clothes off and straight to the shower.

145- Daily French Expression: Au poil: fantastic

C’est au poil cet outil, ça marche super bien: this tool is greet, it works very weel. Le pantalon me va au poil! the trousers fit me fine.

146- Daily French Expression: Avoir les dents longues: to be very ambitious

Les nouveaux ont vraiment les dents longues: the new employees are very ambitious. Le premier ministre a les dents longues, il pourrait devenir président: the prime minister is very ambitious and could be the next president.

147- Daily French Expression: Avoir bon coeur: to be good-hearted

Il a bon-coeur avec sa famille: he is generous with his family
À votre bon coeur, messieurs dames, Dieu vous le rendra! thank you, ladies and gentlemen, God will give you back to you!

148- Daily French Expression: Pas folle la guêpe: he or she is no fool!

Tu as mangé la soupe? – pas folle la guêpe, j’ai bien vu que tu y as mis du poivre: Did you eat your soup? I’m no fool, I saw that you added pepper in it!
Tu as pensé à prendre un parapluie??? Pas folle la guêpe, maintenant il fait beau, mais ils ont dit qu’il va pleuvoir: Why have you brought an umbrella? No fool, now the weather is fine but it will rain later on today.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

Have you seen the top-model, she works for a charity and is  really good-hearted.
That’s right, but I have been told that she is very ambitious!
Poor girl, she is as thin as a rake:

149- Daily French Expression: Ne pas être dans son assiette: not feeling very well

Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette aujourd’hui, I am not feeling well today.
Il n’a pas l’air dans son assiette! he does not feel quite himself.

150- Daily French Expression: Péter les plombs: to flip one’s lid, to lose self control

Mais il a pété un plomb, il a cassé l’ordinateur: but he went postal, he broke the computer!
Quand il m’a dit ça, j’ai pété un plomb et je lui ai fichu ma main sur la figure: when he told me that, I lost my self control and slapped him in the face.

151- Daily French Expression: On ne peut pas jouer sur les deux tableaux: you can’t have it both ways

Le député ne peut pas jouer sur les deux tableaux: the member cannot have it both ways. Le député ne peut pas tout avoir: the member cannot have it both ways.

152- Daily French Expression: Qu’est-ce que tu prends? What are you having?

Qu’est-ce que tu prends? une bière? What are you having? a beer? Qu’est-ce que vous prendrez? What will you be having? 

153- Daily French Expression: Rends-moi service: do me a favour!

Tu veux bien me rendre service: will you do me a favour? Elle l’a fait pour rendre service à sa mère: she did it as a favour to her mother.

154- Daily French Expression: Je n’y peux rien: there is nothing I can do about it

Désolé, mais je n’y peux rien: Sorry but there is nothing I can do about it!
Désolé, mais il n’y a rien que je puisse faire.

155- Daily French Expression: pour faire plaisir à quelqu’un: to please someone

Je l’ai fait pour te faire plaisir: I did it to please you.
ça va lui faire plaisir: this will please him

156- Daily French Expression: ça n’a aucun sens: it does not make sense

Mais ça n’as aucun sens ce que tu dis: what you are saying does not make any sense.
ça n’a aucun sens de l’accuser: it does not make sense to accuse him.

157- Daily French Expression: se debrouiller: to make do.

Ne t’inquiètes pas, on se débrouillera: don’t worry, we will make do. C’est de ta faute; débrouille-toi! it is your fault, sort things out yourself.Do we say “cest ta faute” or “c’est de ta faute”: both are acceptable in French, but when we write “c’est ta faute” is better.

158- Daily French Expression: Tope-là! give me five, high five.

On a gagné, tope-là! we won, give me five!

159- Daily French Expression: Ne dis pas n’importe quoi: don’t talk nonsense

Arrête, ne dis pas n’importe quoi: Stop it, don’t talk nonsense.
Il raconte n’importe quoi: he is talking nonsense.

160- Daily French Expression: Tu as appris la nouvelle? did you hear the news?

Hé, au fait, tu as apprisla dernière? hey, by the way, did you hear the news?
Tu as appris la nouvelle au sujet de Pierre? Did you hear the news about Peter?

161- Daily French Expression: ça me paraît bien: sounds good to me

Qu’est-ce que tu en penses? – ça me paraît bien! How does it sound to you? sounds good to me!

162- Daily French Expression: rester en contact: to keep in touch.

Je te laisse mon numéro et on reste en contact: I am giving you my phone number and we will keep in touch.
Restons en contact: let’s keep in touch!
Je te recontacte: keep in touch!

163- Daily French Expression: Je vous le mets de côté: I’ll hold it for you

Tenez, le courrier! Je vous le mets de côté: here, the letters! I’ll hold it for you. Je te mets ton porte-monnaie de côté: I’ll hold your wallet for you.

164- Daily French Expression: Prendre du poids: to put on weight Il a pris du poids: he put on weight. ça peut aider la prise de poids: it can help make people put on weight.

165- Daily French Expression: Promener le chien: to walk the dog

Je me suis levé pour promener le chien: I woke up to walk the dog

166- Daily French Expression: Faire les cents pas: to walk up and down

Arrête de faire les cents pas, tu m’énerves: stop walking up and down, it gets on my nerves!
Il faisait les cent pas devant la maternité: he was walking up and down in front of the maternity hospital.

167- Daily French Expression: Diriger une entreprise: to run a business

Il dirige sa propre entreprise: he runs his own business.
Une entreprise familiale: a family run business

168- Daily French Expression: Tomber en panne d’essence: to run out of petrol

Après 2 kilomètres, ils sont tombés en panne d’essence: after 2 kilometres, they ran out of petrol

169- Daily French Expression: Passer chez quelqu’un: to call on someone Je passerai te voir demain: I will call on you tomorrow. Je passe chez toi à 5 heures: I will call on you at 5pm

170- Daily French Expression: Nuit blanche: sleepless night

On a passé dehors une nuit blanche: we stay out all night.
Je ne compte pas les nuits blanches à cause du travail: I don’t count the sleepless nights because of my job.

171- Daily French Expression: Se coucher tard: to stay up late

Ne te couche pas trop tard: don’t stay up too late.
Ne laissez pas vos enfants se coucher trop tard devant la télé: Don’t let your children stay up too late in front of the tv.

172- Daily French Expression: Pris la main dans le sac: caught red handed

C’était lui le voleur, il a été pris la main dans le sac: He was the thieve, he has been caught red handed.
La chanteuse, prise la main dans le sac, boit trop: the singer, caught red handed, drinks too much.

173- Daily French Expression: Mettre la table: to lay the table

Tu viens m’aider à mettre la table: will you help me lay the table?
Tu mets la table, je fais la cuisine: you lay the table and I will cook.

174- Daily French Expression: ça parle de quoi? What is it about?

Le film ce soir, ça parle de quoi? the movie tonight, what is it about?
Tu as fini le livre? ça parle de quoi? You finished reading the book? what is it about?

175- Daily French Expression: à quoi ça sert? what’s that for?

La clé à coté de l’ordinateur, à quoi ça sert? the key next to the computer, what is it for? Je ne sais pas à quoi ça sert: I don’t know what it is for!

176- Daily French Expression: facile à vivre: easy-going

Il est très facile à vivre: he is really easy-going

177- Daily French Expression: Il fait froid, ça va refroidir: it is getting cold

Weather: Il fait froid ce soir: it is getting cold tonight
Food: Mange, ça va refroidir: Eat, it is getting cold.

178- Daily French Expression: Jusqu’ici, tout va bien: so far so good

Jusqu’ici tout va bien mais ce n’est pas l’exacte réalité: so far so good but it is not the full picture.
Jusque là, ça va: so far so good!

179- Daily French Expression: Mordu de: Mad about

C’est un mordu de foot: he is mad about football.
Elle est mordue de jazz: she is mad about jazz.

180- Daily French Expression: Faites comme chez vous: Make yourself at home

Voilà, vous êtes chez moi, faites comme chez vous: Here you are in my home, make yourself at home.

181- Daily French Expression: Par ici, par là: this way, that way.

Vous passez par ici s’il vous plaît: this way please.
Pas par ici mais par là: not this way but that way!

182- Daily French Expression: être en avance: to be ahead of

Il est en avance sur nous: he is ahead of us.
Il est en avance sur son temps: he is ahead of time.

183- Daily French Expression: Mon jour de congé: my day off

C’est mon seul jour de congé: it is my unique day off.
Je vais prendre un jour de repos: I will take a day off.

184- Daily French Expression: Attention à la marche: Mind the step (the gap)

Les portes sont ouvertes, Faites attention à la marche: Doors open, mind the gap!

185- Daily French Expression: On ne sait jamais: you never know

C’est un gros problème mais on ne sait jamais: it is a big problem but you never know.
On ne sait jamais ce qui peut arriver: you never know what can happen.

186- Daily French Expression: Mon Dieu: my gosh

Oh mon Dieu! oh my Gosh!
Bon sang, c’est trop difficile: my Gosh, it is too difficult.

187- Daily French Expression: Ce n’est pas grave: never mind

Ce n’est pas grave si il dit le contraire: never mind if he tells the opposite.
Il y a plus de grève en France mais ce n’est pas grave: there are more strikes in France but never mind.

188- Daily French Expression: Non mais: we use this expression in reply of a situation we don’t like, the way of saying it is a bit aggressive, see examples there:

Non mais dites donc? Hey you, what do you think you are doing?
Non mais des fois, tu me prends pour qui? : for God sake, what do you take me for?
Non mais, est-ce que ça te regarde? is it your business?
Non mais sans blague, ça ne va pas dans ta petite tête? come on, aren’t you nuts?
Non mais, quel culot: what a cheek!
As you can here we “eat” the first part “ne” of the negative form when we speak.

189- Daily French Expression: et puis quoi encore? whatever next? (ironic), no way.

Nettoyer, laver, essuyer et puis quoi encore? To clean, to wash, to wipe and whatever next?
Et puis quoi encore? je ne vais pas tout faire: and what next? I am not going to do it all!
Tu veux que je mange ça??? et puis quoi encore? You want me to eat that??? no way!

190- Daily French Expression: Allez savoir (va savoir): Go figure, who knows.

Il ne viendra pas! allez savoir: he won’t come! who knows!
Allez savoir pourquoi! Go figure why!
Pourquoi il a fait ça? allez savoir: Why did he do that? go figure!
Comment a-t-elle fait? va savoir? How did she do that? who knows!

191- Daily French Expression: Je n’en sais rien, another way of saying I don’t know.

We can say “je ne sais pas” but “je n’en sais rien” or simply “j’en sais rien” is very common.
It is the translation of ‘I have no idea’, ‘I don’t know anything about it’.
Il est où Pierre? J’en sais rien: Where is Peter? I don’t know.
C’est quoi ce truc? J’en sais rien du tout: What is this thing? I have no idea!
Mais j’en sais rien, moi, demande à Pierre! But I have no idea, ask Peter!

192- Daily French Expression: Tôt ou tard: sooner or later

Tôt ou tard, ça arrivera: sooner or later, it will happen.
C’est évident que tôt ou tard il viendra: It becomes obvious that sooner or later he will come.

193- Daily French Expression: Mieux vaut tard que jamais: better late than never

J aurais aimé que vous le receviez plus tôt mais mieux vaut tard que jamais: I wish you received it a little earlier, but better late than never.

194- Daily French Expression: Plus on est de fous, plus on rit: the more, the merrier

J’ai invité tous les voisins! – tu as raison, plus on est de fous plus on rit: I invited all the neighbours! – well done, the more, the merrier.

195- Daily French Expression: ça ne vaut pas la peine: It is not worth it

Je n’en veux pas, ça ne vaut pas la peine: I don’t want it, it is not worth it.
ça ne vaut pas la peine de faire tant d’efforts: it is not worthy to make so many efforts.

196- Daily French Expression: se débrouiller comme un manche: to make a real mess of something.

Bon, laisse-moi faire, tu te débrouilles comme un manche: Well, let me do, you are making a real mess.
The word “manche” is an abbreviation of “manchot” (one-armed person or no-armed person) but there are more explanations as “un mache” is also ‘the sleeve’ of a tool. ‘to have two left feet’.

197- Daily French Expression: Être en nage: to make sweat

Le tavail m’a mis en nage: the work made me sweat.
Je suis toujours en nage apres le sport: after sport I am always pouring with sweat.
Pay attention: faire suer which is the translation word for word of to make sweat means to annoy in French! 

198- Daily French Expression: S’emmêler les pinceaux: to get all tied up

Je me suis expliqué mais je me suis emmêlé les pinceaux: I explained myself but I mixed all up.
Les hommes politiques s’emmêlent souvent les pinceaux: politicians often get in a muddle.

199- Daily French Expression: Jeter un froid: to cast a chill

Il a dit qu’il n’aimait pas son gâteau et ça a jeté un froid: he said that he did not like the cake and it cast a chill.
La déclaration du président a jété un froid entre les deux pays: What the president said cast a chill between the two countries.

We also say: “refroidir l’ambiance”

200- Daily French Expression: Lâche-moi les baskets: get off my back

Hé, tu me lâches les baskets? Hey, give me a break!

French Idiomatic Expressions – 1

French Idiomatic Expressions

1- Daily French Expression: Peu Importe

It does not matter
It is of little importance
No matter
Peu importe ce qu’il dit: no matter what he says,
what he will say is of little importance.
Je prends la cravate bleue ou la rouge? Peu importe!
Do I take the blue or the red tie? It does not matter.
Importer has two meaning in French: to import and to be important.

2-Daily French Expression: Faire exprès: to do things on purpose, deliberately.

Tu as encore cassé la télécommande, tu fais exprès ou quoi?
You broke the remote control again, do you do it on purpose or what?
Oh, je suis désolé, mais non, je ne l’ai pas fait exprès!
I am sorry, but no, I did not do it on purpose!
La porte est toujours ouverte, pourquoi? c’est exprès (or c’est fait exprès) le chat est encore dehors.

The door is still open, why? it is on purpose, the cat is still outside.

3-Daily French Expression: “Il se fait tard”: it is getting late

Bon, je te laisse, il se fait tard: well, I am off, it is getting late.
Les enfants, il se fait tard, au lit! Children, it is getting late, go to bed!
“se faire + adjective” means to become (se faire vieux, be getting old)

4-Daily French Expression: “je pense que oui”: I think so

Tu vas sortir cet après-midi? Je pense que oui (je crois que oui)!
Are you going out this afternoon? I think so!
C’est possible ou ce n’est pas possible? je pense que non!
Is it possible or not? I don’t think so!

5-Daily French Expression:”changer d’avis”: “to change one’s mind”

tu viens avec moi? non, j’ai changé d’avis, je reste!
Are you coming with me? no, I changed my mind, I will stay!
Tu changes d’avis comme de chemise (shirt).
You are always changing your mind.
Translate into French:

No matter what he said, you know that he is always changing his mind and sometimes he does it on purpose because he knows it is getting late. So will you tell him? I think so.

6-Daily French Expression: “Ah la vache”: “wow, damn!”

Ah la vache, ça fait mal!
Damn, it hurts!
Ah la vache, je me suis encore trompé!
Damn, I have made another mistake!

7-Daily French Expression: Tant mieux: Good! Tant pis: bad!

Il a gagné, tant mieux pour lui: he won, good for him!
C’est tant mieux si vous pouvez lui parler: it is good if you can speak to him.
Il a perdu, tant pis pour lui: he lost, bad for him!
Il n’y en a plus! Tant pis! There are none left! Never mind!

8-Daily French Expression: Se passer de: to do without

Je peux me passer de ton aide: I can do without your help
Il n’y a plus de papiers? je m’en passerai: there is no paper anymore? I will do without

9-Daily French Expression: “par-dessus le marché”: “on top of all that”

Il pleut et par-dessus le marché le parapluie est cassé: It is raining and on top of all the umbrella is broken.

10-Daily French Expression: “Tout à l’heure”: Earlier, Later

Je te verrai tout à l’heure: I will see you later (or in a short while)
Je l’ai vu tout à l’heure: I saw him earlier

11-Daily French Expression: Pour de bon: For good, for ever

C’est fini, je te quitte pour de bon! It’s over, I leave you for ever!
Il est revenu pour de bon: he came back for good.

12 -Translate into French using the week expressions:

It is good if I can do without your help and I am sure I can do without it for good!
well, may be later, damn, on top of all that it is not easy!

13-Daily French Expression: Tu rigoles? Are you kidding?

I was kidding: J’ai dit ça pour rigoler
I am not kidding! Je ne rigole pas!

14- French Word of the day: Oui or Si? yes!

Viens-tu? oui, je viens / Are you coming? Yes, I am.
Ne viens-tu pas? si, je viens / Aren’t you coming? Yes, I am
We use “si” to reply affirmatively to negative question in French!

15-Daily French Expression: mêle-toi de tes oignons: mind your own business

Mais, de quoi je me mêle? What is it got to do with you?

16-Daily French Expression: ça ne te regarde pas: that’s no concern of you

Ce sont mes affaires, ça ne te regarde pas: these are my things, it does not concern you!
Tu fais ce que tu veux, ça ne me regarde pas: you do what you want: it does not concern me!

17-Daily French Expression: ça ne marche pas: it does not work

oh la la, ça me tue, ya rien qui marche (il n’y a rien qui marche)
dear, it so exasperating, nothing ‘s working!

18- Daily French Expression: tu me fais marcher: you are pulling my leg

Je te fais marcher! I am pulling your leg!

Translate into French using the week expressions:

– Don’t you want your cake?

– Mind your own business!

– Yes or No, don’t you want your cake?

– Yes, I do! but that’s no concern of you!

– Because, if you don’t want it, I will eat it!

– Really?

– I am pulling your leg!

19- Daily French Expression: Purée: Dammit!

Purée, ça ne marche toujours pas! Dammit, it is still not working!
Purée, yen a marre (il y en a marre), darn it, I’m fed up!

20- Daily French Expression: Que se passe-t-il? What’s happening?

Ben, qu’est ce qui se passe ici? vous en faites une tête!
Er, what’s happening? just look at your face!
Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé? What happened?

21- Daily French Expression:ça m’est égal: I don’t mind!

Qu’est-ce que tu veux faire? ça m’est égal, comme tu veux! What do you want to do? I don’t mind, it is up to you!
ça m’est égal ce que disent les gens! I don’t mind what people say!

22- Daily French Expression: ça te dérange si…? do you mind if…?

ça te dérange si je regarde la télé? Do you mind if I watch tv?
Oui, ça me dérange: Yes, I do!

23- Daily French Expression: Fous-moi la paix: lay off, get lost!

Mais qu’est-ce que tu fous? What the hell are you doing?
Tu te fous de moi? Are you making fun of me?
verb: foutre (can be very rude in some expressions but strangely not all the time, depending on the expressions!)

24- Daily French Expression: il manque quelquechose: something is missing

Il manque un gâteau: a cake is missing
Nous sommes 4, il manque une chaise: We are 4, a chair is missing.

Translate into French:

– Dammit, What’s happening? where is my laptop? my laptop is missing!

– oh, give me a break!

– what? you are making fun of me. do you mind if I can use my own laptop?

– I don’t mind!

– but it is mine!

25- Daily French Expression: Machin: what’s-his-name.

Did what’s-his-name come and see you yesterday? Est-ce que machin est passé chez toi hier?
the feminine what’s her name is Machine! (we also say machin-chouette!)

26- Daily French Expression: Retarder to be slow, to put back

hé, je ne suis pas à l’heure, ma montre retarde de 5 minutes: I am wrong, my watch is 5 minutes slow.
Je retarde ma montre de 5 minutes: I put my watch back 5 minutes.

27- Daily French Expression: Cocorico: cock-a-doodle-do

Cocorico, la France a gagné: Hooray! France won!
La France fait Cocorico après la victoire de leur équipe: France celebrates the victory of their team
(The cockerel or rooster is the French national symbol).

28- Daily French Expression: Casser les pieds: to get on one’s nerves.

Arrête! tu commences à me casser les pieds: Stop! you are getting a pain in the neck!
Quel casse-pieds tu fais! What a bore you are!

29- Daily French Expression: Avoir la pêche: to be on form, to be full of beans.

J’ai une pêche d’enfer: I am on top form
Cette boisson m’a donné la pêche: this drink gets me going
We also say: j’ai la patate, j’ai la frite.

30- Daily French Expression:Faire de son mieux: to do the best you can.

Je n’y arrive pas mais j’ai fait de mon mieux. I can’t do it but I did my best!
Il fait de son mieux mais ce n’est pas terrible: He is doing his best but it is not really fantastic.

31- Daily French Expression: Petit nom: Prénom.

C’est quoi votre petit nom? What is your first name?
C’est quoi le petit nom de votre petit-ami?
(you can speak like that when you feel at ease with the person)

32- Daily French Expression: Peine à croire.

C’est vrai? j’ai de la peine à le croire: Really? I find it hard to believe.
Tu ne me crois pas? j’ai de la peine à te croire!
(here peine means difficulty)

33- Daily French Expression: il y a belle lurette (il y a longtemps): it is ages.

Tu as des nouvelles de Pierre? il y a belle lurette que je ne l’ai pas vu!
Have you got any news of Peter? It’s been ages since I last saw him.
Lurette is a transformation of the old word “Heurette” or “Heure”.

34- Daily French Expression: Avoir de la veine: to be lucky.

Il a eu de la veine à ses examens: he was lucky at his exams.
Il a tout faux, pas de veine! He gets everything wrong, bad luck!
ça fait 2 fois que je rate, je n’ai vraiment pas de veine: I failed twice, I have no luck at all.

35- Daily French Expression: La Ferme, Ferme la! Shut up!

La Ferme, je n’entends pas la télé: shut up! I can’t hear the TV!
Tu vas la fermer oui ou non? Will you shup up, yes or no?

Translate into French:

What is your first name please? Dingo!
I find it hard to believe, bad luck!
Why? it’s been my first name for ages
You are making fun of me? Shut up and give me your passport!

36- Daily French Expression: être dans de beaux draps:

to be in trouble. Bonjour les problèmes, tu m’as mis dans de beaux draps! Thank you for the problems, you landed me in a fine mess.the use of “bonjour” is ironic, we use it a lot with things that are not welcome: “bonjour l’ambiance”…

37- Daily French Expression: les animaux et le temps: animals and weather.

Aujourd’hui, il fait un temps de chien et un froid de canard. Ah la vache, je reste à la maison, ça donne la chair de poule!Today, the weather is very bad and it’s freezing cold! damn it, I will stay at home, it gives me goosflesh!

38- Daily French Expression: Faire les yeux doux:to make sheep’s eyes.

Je n’aime pas quand il fait les yeux doux, ça veut dire qu’il veut quelque chose.I don’t like when he makes sheep’s eyes to me, it means that he wants something.Pas la peine de faire les yeux doux, tu seras puni, un point c’est tout!Don’t need to make your sheep’s eyes, you will be punished and that’s final!

39- Daily French Expression: two expressions with the word “oeil/eye”

Je ne trouve pas la solution du jeu. Ah bon? mais ça crève les yeux!I can’t find the solution of the game. Really? but it is as plain at the nose of your face!Mon oeil!My foot!

40- Daily French Expression: N’avoir pas froid aux yeux (or ne pas avoir froid):

to be adventurous, courageous.Il aime le saut à l’élastique, il n’a pas froid aux yeux, même avec ce froid de canard.He enjoys bungee jumping, he is courageous, even with this freezing cold weather.

41- Daily French Expression: ça m’a mis la puce (flea) à l’oreille: that got me thinking.

Quand j’ai vu qu’elle avait fait le test, ça m’a mis la puce à l’oreille, elle veut un bébé!After seeing she used the pregnancy test, it sets me thinking, she wants a baby!Ce qui m’a mis la puce à l’oreille, c’est le texto que j’ai lu sur son portable!What sets me thinking is the text message I read on his mobile phone!

Translate in French using the expressions of the week:

The weather is very bad today, I don’t want to wake up!But I want my croissants!Don’t make your sheep’s eyes, I don’t want to stand up! well, where are my trousers?Here, as usual, it is as plain at the nose of your face!

42- Daily French Expression: en avoir le coeur net: to be clear in one’s own mind, to make sure.

Je vais aller voir ce qui s’est passé, il faut que j’en ai le coeur net!I am going to see what happened, I need to be sure!J’aimerais en avoir le coeur net, mais je ne sais pas comment faire!I would like to be sure, but I dont know what to do!

43- Daily French Expression: Avoir le coeur sur la main: to be open-handed.

Tu as besoin de combien? 500€? oh merci, tu as vraiment le coeur sut la main!How much do you need? €500? oh thanks, you are open-handed!Tu n’auras pas un sou ( a penny or a cent)! oooh, tu as un coeur de pierre (heart of stone) avec la famille!You won’t have a penny! you have got a heart of stone with your familly!

44- Daily French Expression: à quoi bon?: why, what for, what’s the point?

Tu veux venir averc moi? à quoi bon? je n’ai pas d’argent!Do you want to come with me? What’s the point? I have no money!à quoi bon terminer mon devoir, j’ai échoué à mes examens!what’s the point in ending my homework, I failed in my exams!

45- Daily French Expression: Faire la queue (tail): to queue, to line up.

Faites la queue comme tout le monde s’il vous plaît! Please join the queue as every body here!Regarde! il y a 4 heures de queue: Look! there is a 4-hour queue (line).

46- Daily French Expression: histoire sans queue ni tête : cock-and-bull story.

Mais qu’est-ce que tu racontes, c’est sans queue ni tête ton histoire!But what are you saying, it is a cock and bull story!Désolé mais ce film n’a ni queue ni tête.Sorry but you can’t make head or tail of this movie!

47- Daily French Expression: Avoir un poil dans la main: to be lazy!

Il ne viendra pas t’aider il a un poil dans la main:He won’t come and help you, he is very lazy!(poil: hair on the body, être à poil: to be naked).

Translate in French using the expressions of the week:

-What’s the point in queuing 2 hours, this is a cock-and-bull story!
-2 hours? I would like to be sure, and nothing else to do, for someone lazy like you, it is a cool activity!

48- Daily French Expression: Frangin, Frangine: brother, sister (familiar).

J’ai un frangin qui est plus vieux et une frangine plus jeune:I have one older brother and one younger sister.Tu as combien de frangins? How many brothers have you got?

49- Daily French Expression: être tombé sur la tête: to be nuts.

hein? tu as acheté le journal 55 euros? t’es tombé sur la tête ou quoi, ça coûte 1 euro!What? you bought the newpapers 55 euros? are you nuts, it costs 1 euro!tu as vraiment un grain! you are really loony!

50- Daily French Expression: Chanter (to sing): here to tell.

Le père Noëln’existe pas? qu’est-ce que tu nous chantes?Santa Claus does not exist? What are you telling us?Oui, et je vais le chanter sur tous les toits!Yes and I am going to shout it from the rooftops!

51- Daily French Expression: Prendre une décision: To make a decision!

Je pense avoir pris la bonne décision; I think I made the right decision!(we do not use the verb faire une décision but prendre)and a decision-maker is un décideur.

52- Daily French Expression: être bien luné: to be in a good mood.

Il n’est pas bien luné ce matin, il n’arrête pas de rouspéter contre tout le monde!He is not in a good mood this morning, he is grumbling at everybody!Quel râleur! What a moaner!

53- Daily French Expression: Espèce de… Bande …: You…

Espèce d’idiot (singular), bande d’idiots (plural): you idiot! pack of idiots!Quelle bande de paresseux! What a lazy bunch! Espèce de Guignol: You buffoon!
Translate into French using the expressions of the week:

What about your brother, is he nuts?What are you telling me? my brother is always in a good mood!Absolutely not! he is a kind of lazy boy and what a moaner!

54- Daily French Expression: s’entendre: to get along!

Mes frères s’entendent très bien: My brothers get very well together.Il ne s’entend pas avec moi:  he does not get on with me!(entendre means to hear and to understand)

55- Daily French Expression: Avoir le cafard (cockroach): To be down in the dumps.

Rien que d’y penser, ça me donne le cafard: just thinking about it and I feel depressed!Mon travail me fout le cafard: My job makes me depressed. (we also say: avoir le blues, avoir le bourdon (bumblebee))

56- Daily French Expression: Passer un Savon (soap):To get a telling off.

Le professeur m’a passé un savon après le cours: the teacher gave me a telling off after class! Ma femme m’a passé un savon car je suis rentré tard: My wife gave me a telling off because I went back home late!

57- Daily French Expression: Prendre un pot: To have a drink.

Ton examen, ça s’arrose, je t’offre un pot: Your exam calls for a celebration, let’s have a drink!hé, tu paies ton pot? Will you stand drinks?oui mais je ne veux pas être pompette: yes but I don’t want to get tipsy!

58- Daily French Expression: C’est nase: it is trashy, it is stupid, it is broken.

T’es un gros nase: you are too stupid. La télé est nase: the tv is broken. C’est nase ce film: this movie is trashy.

59- Daily French Expression: le fric, le pèze (colloquial): money, dough, moola…

Où t’as mis le fric? Where have you put the money? J’ai pas un rond! I am out of money! Ce gars, il a du pèze, crois-moi! this guy is loaded, believe me!

Translate into French using the expressions of the week:

My brother needs money so he does not get along with my parents, it is stupid! He asks for money just to have a drink! My father gave him a telling off and now he is down in the dumps! I am out of money, I can’t help him!

60- Daily French Expression: C’est kif-kif: it is all the same.
Tu votes pour qui? Machin ou Trucmuche?Pour moi, c’est kif-kif!Who will you vote for, What’s-his-name or what-d’you-call-him?For me, it is all the same!(kif-kif is an Arabic expression used in French)

61- Daily French Expression: En un clin d’oeil: in the twinkling of an eye.
Il a fini l’exercice en un clin d’oeil: he completed the exercise in a flash!We also say: “em moins de deux”, il a fini l’exercice en moins de deux.

62- Daily French Expression: Cela me fait ni chaud ni froid: It makes no difference to me!
Tu peux dire ce que tu veux de méchant, cela me fait ni chaud ni froid!You can tell me nasty things, I feel indifferent.Il est mort et ça me fait ni chaud ni froid.He is dead and I am quite indifferent.

63- Daily French Expression: Filer à l’anglaise: to take French leave.
Je ne vois pas Pierre, il a encore filé à l’anglaise: I can’t see Pierre, he took French leave again!Le ministre a quitté la réunion sans rien dire, il a filé à l’anglaise: the minister left the meaning without telling anything: he took a French leave!We also say: filer en douce, partir comme un voleur.

64- Daily French Expression: Passer un mauvais quart d’heure: to give a very bad time.
Quand il va rentrer, il va passer un mauvais quart d’heure! When he goes back home, I will give him a very bad time!J’ai passé un mauvais quart d’heure au bureau: I had an unconfortable time at the office.

65- Daily French Expression: Un bout de chou: little love, baby!
Quel adorable bout de chou: what a lovely baby!Tu es un vrai chou: you are a darling! (for adult too)Oh mon pauvre chou, qu’est-ce qui t’es arrivé? Oh poor you, what has happened to you?

Translate into French:
Tomorrow, when I go back home, I will finish reading my book in a flash. I don’t like this story about a guy, he had a very unconfortable time because of his father.Then I will talk on the phone to my little love and if it is too late, I will take the French leave!

66- Daily French Expression: Voilà: here we are.

Voilà mon frère: here is my brother. Voilà la pluie: here comes the rain.Nous voilà chouette: now we are in a mess!En voilà un idiot: what an idiot! En voilà assez: that’s enough!Voilà, voilà, j’arrive or me voilà: here I come!

67- Daily French Expression: Tomber d’accord: to come to an agreement.

Les 2 gouvernements sont tombés d’accord pour une action: the two gouvernments came to an agreement and took an action.Ils sont tombés d’accord sur un prix: they arrived at a price.

68- Daily French Expression: Avoir l’air: to look like.

ça a l’air facile à faire: it seems easy to do.ça m’a tout l’air d’être un mensonge: it looks as if it is a lie.Ah, j’ai l’air fin maintenant: I look like a real idiot now!Il a l’air décidé: he look determined.

69- Daily French Expression: Dur à avaler: hard to swallow.

Il a trouvé la facture dure à avaler: he found the invoice hard to accept.Tu crois que je vais avaler ça? do you really think I am going to believe you?J’ai perdu au tennis, c’est dur à avaler: I lost the tennis match, it is hard to accept.

70- Daily French Expression: Mettre à l’envers: upside down, inside out…

Tu as mis ton pull à l’envers: you put your jumper back to front!Il a mis sa chambre à l’envers: He put his bedroom upside down.Ce matin, tout marche à l’envers: this morning, everything is going wrong.To put things right we say: à l’endroit!

71- Daily French Expression: Se lever du pied gauche: to get out of bed on the wrong side.

Qu’est-ce qu’il a à ronchonné comme ça, il s’est levé du pied gauche?Why is he grumbling like that, did he get out of bed on the wrong side?Laisse-moi tranquille, je me suis levé du pied gauche et je suis furibard:leave me alone, I got out on the wrong side of the bed and I am fuming!

Translate in to French Using the above expressions:

Here is my father, we came to an agreement about the tv.This morning, he got out of bed on the wrong side and wanted to watch an old movie, hard to swallow!I put the pages of the TV magazine backwards and he finally decided to watch footballbecause he did not find the movie, it seems easy to do but I had to throw the magazine awayand I don’t know what’s on TV tomorrow, I look like a real idiot!

72- Daily French Expression: être sur le point de: to be about to.

Je suis sur le point de partir: I am about to go out.Elle est sur le point de pleurer: She is on the point of tears.J’étais sur le point de le faire: I was just about to do it.

73- Daily French Expression: Avoir une dent contre: to hold a grudge against someone.

Je lui ai dit non et maintenant je vois bien qu’elle a une dent contre moi. I said no to her and now, I can see she holds a grudge against me.Le footballeur a une dent contre son entraineur: the soccer player has a grudge against his coach.

74- Daily French Expression: tourner rond: to run smoothly.

ça ne tourne pas rond chez toi: you ‘ve got a screw loose!Il ne tourne pas rond en ce moment: He is not well at the moment.Qu’est ce qui ne tourne pas rond? What’s the problem?(tourner en rond is to make circle, to go nowhere).

75- Daily French Expression: le fou rire: great hilarity, to have the giggles.

ça a déclanché un fou rire général: it caused a great hilarity.J’ai eu un fou rire pendant toute la réunion: I had the giggles during all the meeting.Vous voulez avoir un fou rire aujourd’hui? visitez

76- Daily French Expression: En vouloir à: to be down on, to be resentful.

Je t’en veux parce que tu as cassé le vase de maman: I am down on you because you broke mum’s vase!Je ne lui en veux pas, il ne l’a pas fait exprès: I can’t blame him, he did not do it on purpose.

77- Daily French Expression: Serrer la main (singular): To Shake Hands (plural).

Ils se sont serrés la main cordialement: they shaked hands warmly.Je serre la main à Paul: I shake hands with Paul.Je lui serre la main: I shake hands with him.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

I am about to have the giggles. Everything is working smoothly, but what’s wrong with John, he does not want to shake hands with me.I am resentful for that. May be I am too sensitive. Well, I am off!

78- Daily French Expression: Se mettre le doigt dans l’oeil:

to be wrong, to be all wet.Tu crois que c’est facile? Tu te mets le doigt dans l’oeil: Do you believe it is easy? you are totally wrong.Tu te mets le doigt dans l’oeil jusqu’au coude: you are totally way off the subject!

79- Daily French Expression: les doigts dans le nez: eyes closed, in a walk.

Je peux le faire, les doigts dans le nez: I can do it with my eyes closed.J’ai réussi mon examen les doigts dans le nez: I passed my exam very easily.

80- Daily French Expression: Tant pis: too bad / tant mieux: good.

J’ai perdu, tant pis! I lost, too bad! tu as perdu? tant pis pour toi: you lost? too bad for you.Il a gagné, tant mieux pour lui: he won, good for him!

81- Daily French Expression: les bras m’en tombent: I am flabbergasted.

Non, ce n’est pas vrai, alors là, les bras m’en tombent: No, I can’t believe you, I am speechless!Le président est ? les bras m’en tombent: the president died? I can’t believe my ears!

82- Daily French Expression: Faire semblant de: to pretend.

Je pense qu’il fait semblant: I think he is pretending.Elle fait semblant de pleurer: she is pretending to cry. Il fait semblant de dormir: he is pretending to be asleep.Il n’est pas malade, il fait semblant: he is not il, he is just pretending.

83- Daily French Expression: C’est du gâteau, c’est coton / it is a piece of cake, it is tricky.

Cet exercice, c’est du gâteau: this exercise is as easy as pie.Ce problème, c’est vraiment coton: this problem is really tricky!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

You have lost, too bad, as for me, I can do it with my eyes closed because it is as easy as pie.What? you are pretending? No, I am flabbergasted!

Traducir en Francés con las expresiones de la semana:

Perdiste? peor para ti, en cuanto a mi, es pan comido!Que, solo estaba fingiendo? bueno, me quedo pasmado!

84- Daily French Expression: être à jour: to be up to date.

Je suis à jour dans mon travail: I am up to date in my work.
Tu as mis à jour le fichier? (mettre à jour) Have you updated the file?

85- Daily French Expression: être au point: to be finalized.

Le dernier ordinateur est au point: the last computeur is finalized.Tout est au point, ça devrait marcher: everything is settled, it should work.Ce n’est pas très au point: it still needs some working on.

86- Daily French Expression: Bon débarras: good riddance!

Il est parti? Bon débarras: Has he gone? Finally!Le voisin déménage, quel débarras: thanks goodness, the neighbour is moving!se débarrasser de: to get rid of

87- Daily French Expression: Du jour au lendemain: overnight.

ça n’arrivera pas du jour au lendemain: it won’t happen overnight. J’ai été viré du jour au lendemain: I has been fired overnight.

88- Daily French Expression: de fond en comble: from top to bottom.

J’ai nettoyé ma chambre de fond en comble: I cleant my bedroom from top to bottomLa police a fouillé la maison de fond en comble: the police searched the house completely.

89- Daily French Expression: aller au fond des choses: to do things thoroughly.

Quand j’apprends quelque chose de nouveau, j’aime aller au fond des choses: when I learn something new, I like to do it thoroughly.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

I am up to date in my work, it still needs some working on but not a lot, good riddance! My boss could give me a new job overnight, asking me to do it thoroughly.

90- Daily French Expression: Aller bien: to suit, to fit.

Cette robe te va très bien: that dress really suits you.Le chapeau lui va mal: the hat does not suit her.ça me va très bien, j’achète: it really suits me, I buy it! (In another context, aller bien means to be well)

91- Daily French Expression: Ne plus en pouvoir: to be fed up.

Arrête ce bruit, je n’en peux plus! stop that noise, I can’t stand it anymore.Mais je n’en peux plus de ces enfants: but I am fed up up of these children.

92- Daily French Expression: Ne pas mâcher ses mots: to not mince one’s words (to speak frankly).

Après les critiques qu’on lui a faites, elle ne mâche pas ses mots: after the criticisms that have been made, she does not mince her words.Le journaliste ne mâche pas ses mots avec les politiques (les hommes politiques): the journalist does not mince his words with politicians.

93- Daily French Expression: d’affilée: at a stretch, in a row.

J’ai travaillé 10 heures d’affilée: I worked 10 hours at a stretch. Il a bu tous les verres d’affilée: he drank all the glasses in a row. We also say “de suite” or “à la suite”.

94- Daily French Expression: Ne m’en parle pas: tell me about it!

– J’ai des problèmes avec mes enfants! – Ne m’en parle pas, moi aussi! – I have problems with my children! – Tell me about it, so have I (so do I)!

95- Daily French Expression: se faire sonner les cloches: to get a good telling-off (to be reprimanded)

Mon père m’a sonné les cloches: My father gave me a good telling-off.Je me suis fait sonner les cloches par mon père: I got a good telling-off by my father.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

-I worked 12 hours at a strech and he gave me a good telling-off! that’s great!
– Tell me about it, I am fed up!

96- Daily French Expression: on ne t’a pas sonné: nobody asked you.

Tais toi! on ne t’a pas sonné: shut up! nobody asked you.
Tu parleras quand on t’aura sonné: you will speak when someone will ask you.

97- Daily French Expression: il n’y a pas photo (y’a pas photo): there is no doubt!

(you use this expression when you have 2 or more options)
-Qui a gagné? – y’a pas photo, c’est lui! Who won? whith no doubt he won!
-Quel est le meilleur ordinateur au monde? – y’a pas photo, c’est le … What is the best computer in the world? there is no doubt, this is…

98- Daily French Expression: De mieux en mieux: that’s great! (ironic)

Et bien maintenant il fume, de mieux en mieux: and now he smokes, that’s great! Votre enfant triche, de mieux en mieux! you child cheats, that’s great!

99- Daily French Expression: Se payer: to get.

Je suis malade, je me paie une bonne grippe: I am ill, I get a bad dose of the flu. J’ai conduit trop vite et je me suis payé un arbre: I drove too fast and I wrapped the car round a tree. On s’est payé un fou-rire, on ne pouvait pas s’arrêter: We got the giggles, we could not stop. (se payer la tête de quelqu’un = to make fun of someone).

100- Daily French Expression: Manger du lion: to be full of beans.

Qu’est-ce que tu as aujourd’hui? tu as bouffé du lion? What’s up? you are full of beans!
Les joueurs ont mangé du lion et ont gagné: the players were full of beans and they won.